I have random thoughts to post here, but I'm going to do it sometime when it doesn't get directly tied to something else, making it totally obvious what it is I'm talking about.

I took the kitties to the vet yesterday morning, and everyone checks out well. Venus' hernia has grown a little, but not very much, so so far it's okay. I had the bloodwork done for Thena, and the vet called me that afternoon to say that she turned up negative for both feleuk and FIV. This makes me a happy mommy. Big A provided transportation and cat-wrangling services, and I thank him. :)

I went to my boxing class yesterday -- first one. There's only three of us in the class, plus my trainer who's running it, so it's a nice small group. So far, I feel decent about my right cross, my jab is relatively lame, and my uppercuts really kinda suck. I liked being paired with my trainer, 'cause it felt like I could actually hit the pads properly -- when the other girls held it, I felt like I was just touching them, regardless of how much force I actually put into the punch.

I didn't feel too exhausted or anything during or after the class yesterday (just starved), but today I'm sore. Mainly in the back, but a bit in my shoulders, too. We did a bunch of rotator cuff warm-ups, so I'm probably okay because of that.

After the class, I hit up Lewiscraft to replace the hoop I broke, and wound up buying a bunch of other craft items, too. I saw something I want to make for some friends as a wedding gift for them, but it's a kit I'd have to order -- they didn't have it in stock, and that's a good thing. Right now, I'm past broke, so I have to wait to spend money. Not that I have, but... when I'm stealing from my credit line to cover my rent cheque, I'm past broke.

So, if anyone wants to randomly give me money, you can send it to me at whoresboudoir@rogers.com through PayPal. I promise to love you forever.

Not that I expect this to work, but what the hell, right? :)

What else? I finally got home, made plans to get together with E that night, and my folks told me they were bringing over a box of my junk, so I had to stay home until they got there. It turns out that what they were bringing me was, well, a box of pots and this. Obviously not from that store, but it's the first pic I found. :)

E and I got some Greek food (had to pay extra because I'm outside of their delivery range -- maybe I really should hang on to the damn menus that I receive so I know the places that are within my range), and rented Club Dread to watch. It was... not good. Very hard to tell if it was supposed to be funny or just stupid, but it didn't quite manage either very well. I'd also picked up two more discs of season 2 of CSI, but I picked up one I'd already rented, so that's annoying. I blame the girl who came and talked to me while I was picking them out, trying to "sell" me on renting movies I'd already chosen; I think the wrong disc was also behind the box. Two irritations!

After the movie and so on, E and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. On the way back, he noticed that there were two cats in the tree outside of my back door. One was full-grown, and the other, once we saw him more closely (and I even got to pick him up) was only about 7 or 8 weeks old... he was *tiny*. I keep forgetting how small kittens are, since I don't notice Thena or Venus' growth. E didn't feel he was a stray, but I was not impressed with someone letting their kitten out overnight like that -- it was past midnight when we got back.

I tend to forget how silky my kitties' coats are, too, at least compared to other cats. This kitten had a very rough coat. Even the vet yesterday was saying that Venus had a beautiful coat, and it's true. Both my kitties have silky fur. :)

Mom and Dad got to meet Venus for the first time yesterday. Since there was a bunch of noise and weird movements from the tv being brought in, she was a bit skittish, but they got to say hi, at least.

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