It's kinda frustrating that I still kinda want you.

I wonder if certain people knew that if they were to proposition me, I might say yes. Especially if I'd had a bit to drink so my inhibitions were low.

A guy off my first round with Lavalife is determined to drive me nuts.

Work is determined to drive me nuts, too, but I'm keeping up. I think.

As a plus, I have an appointment to get my hair cut. Not for another two and a half weeks, but at least I have the appointment -- it's a good start.

Funny is when your mother cockblocks you (as well as a friend -- but it was Mom, first). Granted, it wasn't really a cockblock, but it's funnier to say it that way. :)

Online translation sources aren't exactly 100% reliable. I submitted "Nova Scotia" to one (to make sure I was right), and it gave me back "Scotia de nova." So useful.

I had a good day at the gym yesterday. My trainer had me benching 95 lbs, 'cause she's trying to kill me. :) I did 145 lbs on the squats, which is a bit less than I have done (I've done 150 lbs), and she mentioned I was looking sleeker (I'm a seal!). When all the weights and torture were over and done with, I ran for 16 minutes straight on the treadmill, and I could've run longer, but my tanning appointment was coming up. :)

One of the more fun parts of doing squats, I find, is that about two hours or so after I finish, I wind up with these funky broken blood vessel/hicky marks around my neck from where the neck guard presses down. That, more than anything, is a good indicator -- in my opinion -- that I'm doing heavy weight. :)

Well, of course, the plates and stacks and numbers say it just as well, but it's the injuries I sustain that tell me I'm doing lots of weight! Yeah, that's it! :)

Last week I was hanging out with a big group of zone folks, and at one point in the car a few of us were discussing miniskirts, and I was saying it'd be nice to wear 'em, but I've been told I don't have the legs for them (thanks, Mom... although that was ages ago). Then later that night, when we were all back together, we were discussing exercise and working out, and Greg, male N and I were showing off our various odd muscles that amuse us -- I have one that wraps a bit over my forearm/elbow that's most obvious when I do pushups, as well as one that wraps over my shin bone somewhat... and it was when I pulled up my pant leg to show off that one that T exclaimed, "Oh my God, your legs are *awesome!* What're you talking about, you can't wear a miniskirt?" That was pretty cool. :D

Let's see, any worthwhile cat updates? Well, this morning I had a cat on each arm -- Thena was wrapped up in one arm, and Venus was curled up in the other, while we were all lying in bed. That was pretty nice. :) However, it made it very difficult to want to get out of bed the way I sorta/kinda/not really wanted to.

I need to start going to bed before midnight. I'm tired. :P

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