Okay, more time, more updates. Hah, today there are no managers at work, so it's kinda nice; even without that, it's kinda quiet, and that's a nice change of pace. Of course, I left my cross stitch at home, so that sucks, but... I have books, I have the Internet -- somehow, I shouldn't be too bored.

So, Friday with the back-and-forth with the prof. I went to see JJ and N perform at the open mic Friday night, and while we were sitting around chatting, my cell phone started buzzing. I answered, and it was the prof. We chatted for a bit, and he explained that he hadn't been in touch 'cause he'd been having trouble adjusting to the regular day-to-day of having a job and so on (he just finished his PhD in the spring and started teaching in the summer, plus moved twice since he got here). For all I know, he was in a relationship that didn't work out and just didn't want to say so, but... defeatist thinking. I'm trying to focus on the cool factor -- that, despite not having spoken to him in a few weeks (when we talked about going to see the leaves change the same day that E ended things again) and then a few months before that, he's calling and asking me out again. There's something fairly cool going on there.

We agreed we'd go out on Thursday, and he said he was going to call me Tuesday to plan it -- I told him that he had to be careful now, that I had his number, and if he didn't call me Tuesday, I was going to call him Wednesday. :) He said that if he sets a day to call, he calls on that day, so I said I was very glad to hear that, and the call ended. So -- there it stands for now. My new motto is: "one date at a time." I'm trying to keep from thinking beyond Thursday, and just focus on having a good time and so on. It's not like I have much control over whether or not someone wants to keep dating me, but ... *shrug* One date at a time. :)

I have to say, Launchcast is doing me proud today. Lots of good tunes, which is nice. :)

Anyhow, what else? Friday Jamie came over for brownies and movies, after I watched the open mic and hassled OFK. Saturday was a little annoying, in that my mom called at 8:30, then my trainer called less than an hour later, so I was a little tired and cranky (didn't go to bed until after 3:00 a.m.)... OFK and I ran around doing a few minor errands, and as the day wore on I perked up a little. We got together a mini-group and saw The Incredibles that night, then hung out for a bit playing games at JW and AM's place.

The Incredibles... decent film, liked the effects, Pixar is definitely improving with their assorted skills, but overall... I've liked their other movies better, I have to say. I still enjoyed it, but... no laughing out loud like with Shrek 2, for example.

Sunday I trekked up to the big book sale with some friends, and managed to pick up a bunch of books for fairly cheap. I don't have the complete list in my head, but I got about a dozen for under $20. It was a good medley.

When I got home, I got to deal with the smoke alarm, which I've already detailed here... so that was fun. :P I was crabby at the station until partway through the show of death when I talked to the newslady about the professor situation, and then we were trying to come up with date ideas... We wound up coming up with something about going to the War Museum, as it's sure to be open late, and I could dress up in a poppy costume and be very popular that way. I think I'm going to hell for that one. But she laughed a lot too, so... She was in good spirits, so I felt bad that I was so tired and crabby, especially when all the people started calling in to talk about the Northern Lights and I didn't feel like dealing with that. :)

On the way home, I did manage to see the Lights, though probably fairly faintly. Still enough to be able to see them, but not bright enough for the pictures I took to actually work. I just wound up with screens of blackness, with the occasional street light captured for difference. :P

I'll be getting my hair cut on Saturday, and I'm looking forward to that. I may also get my nails done sometime this week, although that does kinda fall under the "Do I *really* need to do this? Not really" category. :P But it would stop the nailbiting... urgh. Stupid bad habits, stupid vanity.

I'm glad the work day's almost over. At least, it's almost over now at 4, when I finally post this. :)

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