So deaf right now -- got home from the book sale to find the smoke detector going off without cause, and had to trip breakers and leave them off to keep it from continuing. Then had to find the cats.

Thena had become one with the couch (her hiding spot of choice), and only emerged when I opened it up to try to determine if there actually was a cat under there (and managed to find the sink plug again, let's see if I can keep it longer than a week this time -- damn cats figuring out my hiding place for it), and Venus had gotten inside my closet, her hiding place of choice. Pretty cool that she got out on her own, too. She's getting to be a big tough one. :)

On the way to the book sale, I'd seen a cat outside that was basically the same size as Venus and a near-match for her too, except for a Hershey kiss of white in its chest, and a slightly shorter-length coat. Thena's orange and white friend also came back this morning, so I wound up not letting her out... I figured it would be a bad idea to send my kitty out in that circumstance when I was in the shower and unable to help/rescue her.

Urgh. Now that I'm deaf and still tired, it's a great time to go to work at the radio station. I didn't need my ears, right?

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