Okay, I'm not going to bother posting about all the irritating crap that's been going on, just the one big concern I had today: Venus has been spayed, has had her hernia fixed, and did well. They found a growth under one of her ovaries, and the doctor said she wasn't concerned about it, but I elected to have it sent away for testing, just in case. I am a paranoid mom.

Then the growth kinda got lost, but there is the option of sending away the other parts to ensure that they were normal, which I might wind up doing. It's only another $100, and I think my pets are better-served with the money than me buying some more DVDs or books or something... which I'll likely wind up buying anyhow. :)

Maybe I can call in sick tomorrow? No, because I have to take time off Thursday afternoon and then leave early on Friday... argh. I'm getting the feeling I really should've taken today off, like I did when Thena was spayed.

Today, I hate my workplace. :P

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