Well, that's just lovely. I *just* noticed a nice big hole in my pants -- first time I've worn them anywhere. I'd take them back, but I bought them months ago, so it's too late for anything to be done. I should be able to repair this without any problem; it's just the seam that's opened. I've also noticed these pants are somewhat snug across my butt/thighs, but I can't remember if they were like that when I bought them, or if I've just added some more muscle to my frame (shut up, I can pretend it's muscle).

I brought Venus back from the vet yesterday night. I had to bus across the city in rush hour to do it, but I managed to get there right on time, which was good. The poor little thing was shivering in her carrier as we waited for the taxi, but I started patting her and she started purring her head off, and even kneading her paws a little. Too cute. :) The technician that checked us out had commented on her coat, saying that she looked at times like she had a brown undertone to it, which is something I'd only noticed a few weeks ago myself -- she looks mostly black, and her face and paws are, but her back is dark brown and black, but only if you look the right way. She's a funky monkey. :)

I had the cabbie swing by the video store on the way home and I picked up season 3 of Futurama. I've decided that Zoidberg is definitely my favourite character in the group, and Shawn agrees with me, so I must be right. ;) I got us home and set up, including changing the litterbox and setting up a new one, set out food and then settled myself on the couch. Thena attacked Venus at one point, so she wound up banished to the bedroom for awhile. I finally convinced Venus to settle on the couch when her head was bobbing up and down as she started passing out sitting up, and she gradually curled up with me. I noticed she was shivering, so I tucked a blanket around her, and eventually the two of us actually passed out on the couch. I woke up around 10, after more than an hour's sleep, and figured there was no way I was going to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Venus seems to be doing well; she's purring like a truck whenever she gets patted, and she's moving around and trying to get into her regular amounts of trouble -- like getting up on the dresser in the morning and so on -- though she is moving like she's sore, which is understandable. Last night I'd planned on keeping everyone separated, but all Venus did for over an hour was sit by the door and stare at it, and I could hear Thena mrowing outside the door, so I figured that they'd probably be happier together. I wasn't woken by any horrible cat fights, so I guess everyone was okay.

This morning, I could get my key to turn in my mailbox lock. It's been stiff the last number of times I've tried it, and today it just wouldn't turn at all. I'm going to try it again on my way home, but I'm definitely not encouraged. :P

Let's see, and 'cause Frank and Markuk find my talking about my cats monotonous, more date news:

Went out with the boy Monday night for mini-putt. It was originally going to be dinner and, but he said he'd had a late lunch, so we just did the 'putt. I roundly sucked at miniputt, then afterwards we played several games of air hockey. I lost every game, but usually only by 2, and was ahead for awhile on the last game. He kept sending the puck flying off the table, so several times each game one of us was having to chase it down.

I started the evening with mixed feelings about it all, but I asked him if we were allowed to play distraction rules for mini-putt, and so we spent time leaning against one another, hugging, poking at legs, and kissing during the game. Afterwards, we went for some food at the restaurant nearby, and chatted for awhile during it. He had to be up early the next morning, so I was home by about 10 or so and didn't mind. I knew I had to be sure to get up in the morning, and I'd had a rough night's sleep already, so I didn't mind the early night.

There are semi plans in the works for another night out, so we'll see how that goes. I've talked about this guy to a few people, and while he's nice and I enjoy his company, I'm not all OMGIHAVETOHAVEHISBABIESFORYEARSONEND about him. While on the one hand, that's not a bad thing, on the other hand, it means that I'm ... lukewarm or whatever, I guess. *shrug* A lot of the time for me it takes a little while for things to develop; I know I wasn't gaga over D right away, for example -- I was much more into Moose or E sooner. I'm apathetic about it all, now. :)

Mostly, I just look forward to being at home and being away from work. Yesterday was one of those days where I was just thankful that I might be out of here at the end of January; as those of you who've been to my LJ (which I don't usually update, or it's usually the same stuff that appears here when I do) or who've talked to me about my work situation know, I have some people (okay, mostly one people) here that drive me bugnuts. I don't even know if I'll be here to see out the execution of the new org chart, but... one can hope. Hell, even if it's just for my last month here that it changes, that'd be sweet.

But my odds are better that I'd have a new job I'd have to start and so on. Which reminds me; need to spend time this afternoon studying. I kinda don't want to go to the gym tonight, but I really don't have a reason not to. Especially since I've been ordered to start going 3 times a week. :) At least Friday I have an appointment to see my doctor to find out about boxing and so on... boxing is a great way to get rid of my frustrations, I find. :)

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