I hate my friends.

OFK: We still on for shopping?
Jen: Yup -- I was going to call you, actually. :) I'm going to be here for a little bit still, but I don't have to go to the gym, so... it works out.
OFK: okay, let me know when you're ready to meet. And where you'd like to meet. And whether you'd like to eat.
Jen: And if I enjoy meat? If milk comes from a cow's teat? If I need to take a seat?
OFK: Wheat.
Jen: Bleat.
OFK: Feat of Feet.
Jen: Elite. 1337
OFK: Parrakeet.
Jen: Parakeet, actually.

OFK: Uh... I looked up the spelling of parrakeet before sending it... I didn't cheat.
OFK: In fact, it would appear that either spelling is complete.
Jen: Then this is neat:
OFK: Feel the heat: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=parrakeet
Jen: I'm tired. I feel beat.
OFK: Awww, my poor little sweet...
Jen: Two nights of annoying conversation styles... Are you and Jay trying to compete?
Jen: brb-eet.
OFK: LOL, okay, you can win with that. :) I hope this won't fill you with conceit.
Jen: I am truly modest and always a treat.
OFK: I'm just annoyed that I can't call you a teat, 'cause you already used teat. Teat. :P
Jen: You = loser.
Jen: Hah!
OFK: I had already admitted defeat...
Jen: But yet you continue the streak.
OFK: You haven't yet told me where and when we'll meet.
Jen: As usual -- Rideau Street. :)
OFK: When you get there, give my cell phone a tweet.
Jen: Tweedle-eedle-eet.
OFK: Teat. :)

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