Jen: *flex*

I am sorry, I am dull today.
Shawn: Me too. =/
Jen: Umm... so, I hear that you have a fuzzy bum.
Shawn: It's awesome! It keeps all the children warm.
Shawn: Okay, I've officially scared myself in less than ONE SENTENCE>

A small portion of my day today.

I've decided that I want to get a PS2. I've finally been sucked in, and all because of games like Karaoke Revolution, Dance Dance Revolution, and Amplitude. At least they're useful games, or something. So, who wants to buy them for me?

Yes, I played Karaoke Revolution the other day, over at JW and AM's place. I had sworn I wouldn't torment people with my singing voice, but I did, and I wasn't that awful at all. But see, KR gives you a misguided sense of confidence -- you may be able to hit and/or sustain the notes, and so on, but you may still not sound good. That's me -- I can eventually find the notes, I just don't really sound good while I'm doing it. No matter, I had fun. And I learned that Madeleine has a really pretty singing voice -- I'd never heard her sing solo before, and it was really nice to listen to.

I also learned an important lesson about singing Britney Spears songs; if you mess up the lyric or section once, don't worry, you'll get another 4 or 5 chances to get it right.

I did some punches on my heavy bag on Saturday. I can really get the thing rattling and moving, so I figure I'm just getting back and the noisy upstairs neighbours. Hah! I really do need plates for it, though. :P

Well, I thought I had more to say, but it's getting towards the end of the day -- I have to leave a bit early, 'cause I moved my gym appointment up to accomodate my dinner date tonight.

I'd originally jokingly said I was going to make a list of the names of boys I've dated for any length of time (say, 3 dates or more), and try to avoid those this year -- maybe start dating the alphabet, as another friend of mine has jokingly said she'd done in the past. Tonight's dinner date, my soul mate/stalking victim (running jokes), shares the name of the One Big Love ex- boyfriend. Maybe I'm just starting over from the top? Weird. :)

For the record, the name and some very basic characteristics are all they seem to share in common at this point. I'm not trying to date my exes' dopplegangers. That would just be *bad*, since it would mean that next I'd have to spend 3 years of my life with a psychologically abusive asshole. Been there, done that -- got the mental scars. No thanks.

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