Stupid IE windows closing for *no* good reason... means once again this week, I've lost a sizeable blog update. *grrr*

Here's the conversation Shawn and I had earlier today. The context is more or less there;

Me: PLUS, because life is IRONIC, this week I have started setting my alarm later so I can sleep in more... only to be woken up before my alarm USED to go off, by the FUCKING SNOWPLOW removing tonnes of I DON'T KNOW WHAT right beside my WINDOW
Me: RANDOM word capitalization IS fun
Shawn: Maybe they're plowing hobos?
Me: Fucking hobos, taking up the driveway space
Shawn: I know! Can't they just find an abaondoned train or somethin' somethin' like all of the other self-respecting vagrants?!
Me: Apparently not. Oh, no, they have to live next to me, in my posh upscale little place, and then cause all sorts of problems when the plows have to come along at 6:00 in the morning to squash them down, and quell their rebellious nature! Fucking hobo uprising!
Shawn: Quote of the Day: "Fucking hobo uprising!"
Me: I'm liking it, and I'm glad it makes me seem heartless.
Shawn: Yay!
Shawn: Even though no one is in there--*weeps!*--I changed the topic in #ICQ to "Fucking hobo uprising!" =D

Then I cracked trying to spell FUCKING COCK in reference to a situation at work. Then I went on to talk about feminism vs. respectfulness and so on, but I can't be bothered to try to type it back out. I'm not sure how well-written it was anyhow.

In good news, though, I've been told I have casual status at work until end of fiscal year, and at a slightly higher pay than I was making before I got stuck in agency hell (and even more than I was making while in agency hell). Yay for employment. :)

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