Sorry I've been neglecting you, my little blog. I have been a bad mommy.

In my defence, I’ve been busy like crazy monkeys the last little while. And sort of not. I’m having to force myself to get back into the writing habit, for I have fallen out of it and that makes me sad. I really want to go somewhere with writing, and apparently, if you don’t actually *write*, that’s kinda hard to do.

So, the solution? To buy a PS2 and have even more things that keep me from the computer. Yes, that is tonight’s plan, post gym – I’m finally going to get off my ass and buy a gaming console. I blame JW, and I’ve already told him that; there have been too many times that I’ve played cool video games at his place (or other friends’ homes, too), and sucked royally at them, so now I want them for myself, at my house.

Let’s see, the week in brief overview... Well, Tuesday night and Wednesday after the gym were spent reading for book club. This month’s selection was The Birth of Venus, by Sarah Dunnant. I found that I enjoyed it a fair bit – not a book I would have picked up off the shelves and read myself, but after all, that’s why I joined a book club, to be forced out of my comfortable little book niches and into other options. Next is Balthasar’s Odyssey, but I haven’t started it yet. I figure I should read it with more than 4 days to go this time. :)

Thursday night was a gaming session over at R’s place, and it was a geeky dumb evening. Nothing more shall be said, especially nothing that pertains to bathroom jokes (not what you’re thinking). Friday night I had my first book club meeting, and it was pretty fun. So far it’s a group of just girls, though apparently a boy will be joining next month. None of us have a problem with that, but we figure we may not spend 45+ minutes talking about childbirth if there are boys hanging around. *grin*

Afterwards, we met up at Greg and Madeleine’s place and watched Gypsy 83. Interesting movie, definitely. There’s a scene where the lead actress takes her top off, and you see her breasts in their entirety. We were all fairly quiet for a moment or two, then the comments started – wow, that poor girl, that sort of thing. There was nothing wrong with her breasts, they were very attractive, they were just also very large. And we figured possibly rather uncomfortable, but at least they were all natural, which I feel usually beats out fake. At least, I like what I’ve got, and that’s the most important thing.

Saturday Ben and his gf came over and we did a bit of library-ing of the book collection. After they left, I finished the books in the living room and did the DVD/VHS collection, too. Then I got together with R and N at their place, joined after awhile by JW and AM, and we played a game called the Totally Renamed Spy Game and then Zombies. Both card-type games, both goofy and fun. :)

Sunday was just lounging about – I put my plans to buy a PS2 on hold and tried phoning around instead. That’s going to be tonight’s post-gym plan. When I was at the station, I talked for awhile to the awesome cool news chick and then got a bit more precision as to the current boy situation. PDB came to the station to drive me home, then he came in for a bit and I wound up explaining to him that I wanted nothing more to do with dating. Well, first I said it in the car, and then I explained it in more detail at my place. He was more upset about it than I would’ve thought, but I think things between us will be fine – he’s taking me out PS2-shopping tonight, and we’re still going to the movie tomorrow night (though if I don’t sleep well again tonight, I might call that off, we’ll see).

It’s kinda nice to have that sorted out, at least.

I also spoke to Moose on the phone, and we’re getting together for coffee on Wednesday, after the gym. I’m curious about what’s going to come out of that.

This week is a crazy one. I’m double-booked every evening this week, and I have to leave work a bit early on Friday to accommodate a massage I’m going to get – my neck and back are somewhat screwed up, and I want to try to see if a massage will sort it out. If not, I might try a chiropractic treatment. We shall see.

For now, time to escape to the gym and money spending... but if you’ve made it this far, go read my story!

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