Well, the heavy bag is all set up. It didn't take very long, and I only harrassed PDB throughout the entire process. As it turns out, I will need to add weight plates to the bottom of the damn thing, for I can move the stupid structure around when I punch it. I'd also love to secure the bottom of the bag to the stand itself somehow, but there are no ties on the bag... I'd have to figure out some other arrangement.

I could've sworn I had other things to write about here, but bugger if I can remember them.

100 things we didn't know this time last year,, courtesy of Jay, who updates his site occasionally.

I've given up on pretty much my entire blogroll. Of the people on my daily read list, I think that perhaps 2 or *maybe* 3 of them update more than once a millennium. It's time to get all new friends and/or strangers to stalk, I guess.

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