Argh. So, because of my inability to load my site from work, I only recently noticed that things aren't formatted properly when I use the email posting technique.

Holy zombie Jesus, is it really that awful that I might have access to my sites from work!? Argh.

If you only knew how long an 8-hour day can get when I'm already staring at my computer screen, desperate for something to do, and I'm denied my ability to post... not that I did a lot of it before hand, but baby, I was gonna change!

*sigh* Maybe tomorrow morning, I won't be awoken before my alarm by the cats and/or snowplow. That would be a nice change of pace.

Is it my turn for vacation yet? I'm now accepting donations to someplace warm, far away from here, where I can be in a bikini or just bare-assed nekkers for at least a week and a half. I promise to send pictures and postcards.

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