OMFG I updated WB!

Yes, it's true. I finally finished the post I started over a month ago, and I've once again update The Whore's Boudoir. I feel so accomplished.

I also had a rather weird dream last night. I dreamt I was with the Ghostbusters, although I didn't necessarily recognize them so much as just know who they were. I was in some open forest room, and I had Thena with me, and I was holding her so that her head was over my shoulder, and the stress of having a ghost show up and pursue us somewhat (as I hoped that Slimer would arrive and help somehow), she threw up on my back, twice. But it was like baby barf, instead of cat barf, despite her still being a cat.

Somehow, I wound up at my parents' place, and my mom was trying to get me to go home -- not because she was mad at me or anything, just that it was time for me to go. I was insisting that I wasn't going to go just yet, that I needed a shower -- because of the barf on my back -- and she finally acquiesed. I went into what was, in my dream, my sister's room, and the shower was a part of the bed -- there was a shower nozzle with a long cord (like any detachable shower head), and you knelt on the bed and used the shower over yourself as best as you could. The covers were regular covers, they got wet as the shower sprayed them, but that was that.

It was a strange dream, and I'm sure I'm forgotten much of it, but there you go. Apparently I dream of being able to shower while in bed.

Though now that I think about it, that does sound perfect... minus the whole bed getting soaked part.

This weekend I decided I don't trust JJ for directions. :) I chauffered a few of his friends and myself to BFN Quebec, and I managed to double the length of the time the trip was supposed to take. Now, I'll admit that many of the turns are the fault of those of us in the car -- it's a shared problem -- but the trip started out on the wrong foot when the first turn we were supposed to make was on a road that had been renamed 2 years ago (though one of the towns through which we were passing had the "north" end of the "south" road we were supposed to take, so I was saying I wanted to drive down it just because). Then there was the part where we thought for sure we'd passed the town we needed to be in, so we stopped at a different crappy little restaurant (than the one that was supposed to be in the city we were aiming for), and I got to use my French to discuss our predicament with the waitress. She was very helpful, although she thought the street we needed to take had been renamed... argh! It turns out, though, that it hadn't. I announced at one point that I planned on just turning into some random house and demanding they entertain us, but that wound up being unnecessary. Our trip ended "well" when I managed to get one wheel of the car off the road and subsequently stuck, some 100 feet or less from the foot of the driveway down which I was supposed to turn. Fortunately, some Good Samaritans stopped to help us out, and it didn't take much effort to get the car unstuck.

The drive home was much less eventful, with no wrong turns at all. It helped a bit that I followed M and A home, until they turned off the highway to their home. I had said, as long as I was on the highway, I'd be fine -- because we wound up taking an alternate route to get on the highway, I knew I could get back that same way, and I was right.

Of course, the "funny" part of all of this is that I can now tell you *exactly* how to get to the "spa" at which JJ was staying, and if I do go up next time he's house-sitting, you can be damn sure I won't get lost. Or even need directions, likely. Gah.

So that was Saturday. I wound up staying out there later than I'd planned, but it was nice. At one point, JJ and M went out skiing, and the other two (my car companions) went snow-shoeing, and A and I stayed inside and a had a really nice, long chat. I've never really spent any great lengths of time talking to her, and I've always liked her, just never had the chance -- she and M don't come out to the regular group events very often, so the opportunities haven't always been there. Great people, though, and M has a really dry sense of humour that's fun, too. :)

Sunday I drove the car back out to the house, then Mom drove me back to the bus stop and I bussed to work. That's really the highlight of that day.

Friday I had gone out with the paramedic. We went for dinner to a Scottish restaurant, browsed through Chapters, where I picked up two romance novels and The Bourne Identity, because I've heard good things about it, and then we went and saw Hitch. He had originally suggested seeing Hotel Rwanda, and we'd toyed with the idea of trying to boot it downtown for another movie that was playing there, but that wasn't do-able. We decided on Hitch after seeing what all was playing at the theatre, and it was fun. He drove me home, I gave him a quick tour of the apartment, making sure to point out the exciting features such as the cats and the perfectly innocent, could not be used for any nefarious purposes whatsoever punching bag, and that was that. Then I stayed up for a few hours playing video games, even though I had to be up early the next day for the gym. I suck, but it's all good.

Last night I met with my financial planner and he said a bunch of stuff I don't understand, plus a few things I did sort of understand, and he talked a lot about his pen (as a way of illustrating examples of dividend vs. capital gains vs. some other kind of money thing), and I felt tired and then I gave him money and he went away. Actually, that's a really crappy way of detailing what happened, especially as my financial planner is a very nice man and I do like him, I was just very tired and when people talk about things I don't really understand, that doesn't help. But if I can manage to keep up the planning I have started, then by the time I'm 50 I will have $100,000, and I'll also have actual money in an RRSP. But that means I have to be better at putting aside money, 'cause right now, I sometimes suck at it. :P

I also have to realize that paying off my debts in small amounts, steadily, is better than trying to do large chunks at a time. It might be slower, but it'll still work.

I can't believe it's only a little after 1. This day is going *slowly*... Oh, but now there are New Kids, so life is better. I think it's time to do more writing. :P

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