His bed is on fire with passionate love

And because I am a good friend, I sent the following email to Shawn:

His email:
>>> Shawn 02/22/05 9:27 AM >>>

I gots about six hours of sleep. But at least today is the last day that I have to do this [be at work for 4:30 a.m.]. Now I can come in during the evenings. =P

How's life?!


My email:

Except that I am hiring you to cook me food throughout the week. I'm afraid that you must start at 3:30.


'cause, that's why. Don't argue with me! *smack*

I'm sorry baby, you knows I loves you... you just make me upset sometimes, and when I get upset, I just lose control. You gotta work on not making me upset, you know that!

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