Gonna grab some afternoon delight

Okay, maybe not. But it's a song whose awesomeness has only been truly brought out as a result of Anchorman.

Okay, I'm talking nonsense, but that's okay. I'm in a good mood tonight, despite the metric fuckton of work that's pending for me. Next week is probably going to suck hardcore.

Ah well, I can't bring myself to care. If I stress over work, that's just no fun. Not that I have anything better to stress over right now, but... bleah.

Can you tell I actually have nothing to say? I've realized/discovered another address I can access to send email, and I'm just testing it out to see what happens with formatting. If this doesn't screw up the formatting, then I'm all set. :)

I have a bridal shower coming up next week, so sometime this week I have to get out and get some shopping done for that. Eventually I hope to get started on the wedding gift for some other friends, and I'm still pestering Jay to get him to invite me to his. ;)

What else? I realized I'd forgotten to talk about my adventures in Bikram yoga last week, with R, N, S, and M. Bikram yoga, for those who don't know, is done in ~40 degree heat (not weather, as I kept trying to say). The class we did was a bit of a special event class -- it was 90 minutes long, and wow, was it tough. I have never sweated that much in my life, it was just icky. You felt like you were swimming. :P

Afterwards, we had dinner with some of the group, then assembled at JW and AM's house and the five of us kept demonstrating poses and talking about yoga and probably bored the crap out of everyone else. :) Things eventually downgraded into everyone touching their toes, or explaining why they couldn't, and talking about flexibility and so on. I demonstrated one particular pose that has you lying on your stomach, reaching back to grab your ankles, and pulling yourself up, so you form a cradle of sorts. Oddly enough, I was able to do that pose better in jeans, with no warm-up, than I had been in the class -- but we did it at the end of the class, so I'm choosing to believe I was just tired by then.

I didn't have any major lasting ill effects from the evening, though I did develop a headache shortly afterwards. I figure it was obviously dehydration, and probably a bit of discomfort from my contacts, too. I need to learn to drink more water when I'm doing things like hot tubbing or Bikram, though I did go through a whole Powerade and some water, too.

The weird part of the whole thing was our instructor, I found. He talked the *whole* time, and not in the soothing, quiet tones that I've had from other instructors. It wasn't bad, I didn't mind, I just found it very different.

I think we all enjoyed it to some extent or another, but I'm not sure anyone is rushing right back. I could see myself going back, 'cause enough time has passed (even a day or two later, enough time had passed), that I've forgotten the miserable parts. :)

For those looking for an update, the cop is now stalking me, I've decided. I left my apartment a bit early yesterday, which I've done several days this week, and there he was, parked outside. Of course, I didn't realize it was him right away -- I was walking away, he honked, I kept walking, he honked more and I looked back to see him wave at me. I thought at first it was someone I knew from the station or something, as he wasn't in a marked car (hasn't been yet), and I'm not exactly at the top of my game in the morning. I wandered back, he asked if I had heard my neighbours, and I
said that I usually heard someone in the shower around that time, but that I couldn't guarantee that it was the ones he wanted. I really don't know how the place is laid out, or which part of the upstairs my next-door neighbours have, etc.

On upstairs neighbours notes, I'm pretty sure someone above me has been having sex. The night of my St. Valentine's Day Singles Bash, my friends started cracking up because they could hear a bouncing/squeaking bed upstairs. I never heard any voices or moans or anything, but they could just be silent. Or quiet enough that it isn't travelling. The last few days, I've heard some bouncing bed noises again. The thing is, maybe I've just never really listened to the bed when I've been having sex, but it almost sounds like someone's just jumping on it, not fucking... I mean, when you're having sex, how regular are the bedspring noises? Maybe I just like things faster that my neighbours? Maybe I'm just talking out my ass? Who knows.

Anyhow, I have a meeting that's due to start in little bit, and I think I've run out of things to say for now, so off I go. I'm not going to book club tonight 'cause I didn't finish the book (and I'm not too sure how quickly I will... I'm not very sure how much I actually enjoyed it), so instead the evening is free for other plans. And not with the marshmallow, as much as he keeps asking. *sigh* Nice boy, requires too much attention -- or more friends.

I'm looking forward to next week's Gilmore Girls episode. :)

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