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Well, due to the aforementioned posting problems and rampant stupidity of this system, I have obviously not updated in awhile. So, instead of my usual rambling, drawn-out stupidity, here are some highlights:

(*laugh* Pause for nap, and work, not necessarily in that order).

There was talking about my sex life with my dad on Sunday. Long story short, I told him that I wouldn't have much as far as medical was concerned because I hadn't updated my glasses prescription and I'd gone off the pill in the summer.

Him: "I hope you're being CAREFUL."
Me: "Yes Dad, don't worry. As I've reassured Dr. [doctor] the times I've seen him since I stopped taking, I've only stopped it because it's gotten expensive since I graduated and stopped getting that drug plan, plus, since I wasn't involved with anyone, I didn't want to spend the money. Don't worry, anytime I've had sex, I've used condoms. I'm not looking to make you a grandfather just yet. I can't believe I'm talking about my sex life with you."
Him: "Yep, I'm going to go write this down somewhere, February 27, 2005, I talked to my daughter about sex. Aren't you glad you have parents you can talk to about this?"
Me: "Yeah, now that I'm 24 and don't need to come to you about anything, it's just great."

So, that makes one cockblock from Mom back in the fall, and now a discussion about my sex life with Dad. I feel honoured.

Ah yes, the incident with the cop. You get the longer version of this story, 'cause it has a few funny parts.

Went out with the paramedic Thursday evening. We started at the local nature museum, whereby I realize (and say out loud, 'cause disturbing thoughts are only worthwhile if you share them with everyone), "Oh yeah, these are dead. That kinda takes the joy out of going to a museum as an adult when you realize that." I haven't been to a museum of that nature (the Ontario Science Centre didn't qualify) in years, so I'm used to seeing animals alive and romping about -- the Biodome, The Toronto Zoo.

Then there was the bug section, which included a black widow spider (looked at it, stood near it, felt okay), then a tarantula right beside it that the paramedic pointed out and I decided I'd had enough of spiders and wandered off, shuddering slightly. He laughed at me -- I said I was going to try to find the snake in the other exhibit. No luck. :( He does have his other fears though, so I'll make use of those another time.

After the museum (which did in fact still have dinosaurs out, unlike what he thought, and I learned that despite knowing the difference between a triceratops and a stegasaurus, I kept mixing them up and trying to say the stega was a tri), we went off and had dinner. Then we went to a coffee shop, and I suggested just going back to my place, 'cause I had tea there and didn't have huge glass windows everywhere that would make the place freezing (we were back at the place where we'd had our first coffee meeting).

We got back to my place, I got the kettle on the stove, then I thought I heard a knock at the door. I open the door, see no one there, then as I'm closing it, I hear, "Excuse me."

It's a cop.

This is new.

He's asking my about my neighbour, apparently trying to talk to him about a moving violation. I try to provide as much info as I can (not a lot at all), and during this he asks, 'Is your cat allowed outside?'

"Uh, NO!" I look down to see Thena escaping alongside the outer wall of my apartment. I'm not wearing any boots or anything, but I step outside and manage to grab her tail. Just her tail. I actually pulled her back to me by her tail -- she only made one grumbling noise, which surprised the hell out of me, and didn't try to bite me or anything when I picked her up.

I ask the cop if he wouldn't mind stepping inside so that she wouldn't try again -- especially as I know that Venus is small, black, and loves to nose around the door when I come home, so she's likely to do the same at night, when the door is wide open. :P

He comes in, I go back to my computer to get info on the housing company for him, and the paramedic finds out the details of the moving violation. As it turns out, the neighbour had hit a truck, hit a pole, then driven home and called the cops, saying that he'd hit a pole. The truck owner called shortly thereafter to report his truck having been hit. Why do I always get the good neighbours?

So, I bring the information back to the cop, and while I'm talking to him, Thena strolls over, reaches up his thigh, and sticks her claws into his pants.


Granted, she wasn't attacking him, she was mostly just stretching/using him a scratching post (or would have), as she is wont to do to me on many an occasion, often when I don't know she's going to, and so I yell at her and shoo her away.

My cat attacks fucking cops. Perfect.

The cop leaves, Bob's your uncle, we watch a couple of episodes of CSI and off he goes.

A few days later, we're talking on the phone, I think I hear a knock at the door -- it's the same cop at the neighbour's house. The cop mentions that it must sound like he's knocking at my door, I say yeah 'cause of the proximity of the doors, the paramedic is on the phone asking about it and I mention it's the same cop, and then, because I am a fucking moron, I point to the phone and say to the cop, 'Same guy.' 'Cause he cares. Moron party, table for Jen.

Just got off the phone with my mom. She caught my dad's cold, and I said something about how that was nice of him. She said that's what they give you, and I said, "boys give you diseases?" She said, "Yep, and you know how to prevent them." I said, "Goodie, now I've had this conversation with both of my parents."

Also, earlier in that conversation, I'd called to ask if a T4 from the bookstore had shown up. She pointed out I'd worked there May-September of 2003, not 2004. I said something about being dumb, and she said, "You were a cute baby, though."

I started laughing -- I thought she was making a reference to my standard, "Well, at least you're pretty" joke, but not even... as it turns out, she'd been putting photo albums away and they'd had pictures of me as a baby in them. Good to know she wasn't calling me pretty. :)

Last night, dinner was had in a mall food court, then after I bought my March bus pass, it was off to the local big arcade/play place for activities and such. I learned that I'm actually okay at car racing games, but less so at motorcycle and boat races. I actually lost at a lot of the games, but every now and then I'd do something like sneak ahead at the last second in the car race (and the motorcycle one, I think... maybe not), and then I'd feel better. :) I lost our first round of DDR, but won the second one relatively well, so that was good.

Then I got mocked for not being able to do math anymore. But that's okay, 'cause I have the candy necklace -- not that I'll wind up eating it. Ah well.

I met his roommates, who apparently approved of me and thought I was really cute (um, okay), and then we watched Adventures of Pluto Nash. Not great, not awful. I've definitely seen worse, and I spent too much time going, "I know that guy, what the hell is his name?" and so on. Apparently if I'd just said Alec or Baldwin, he would've been able to guess who I was talking about. *roll* Useless. :)

We talked for a long time, and then it was back home for me. I didn't sleep well, thanks in a small part to the cats, so today I've just felt exhausted. I was supposed to have three meetings in a row, and the only one that actually took place I wound up missing 'cause they didn't call me for it, so that was okay. I did manage to get a bit of a doze in (shush), and I played some scrabble with the marshmallow, once again getting handed crappy tileset after crappy tileset. Although I did get the letters to
spell out "lesbian," but I couldn't turn it into a proper Bingo (where you use all 7 of your tiles at once). No 50-point bonus for me. :(

I cancelled my gym appointment, 'cause I have to go home and read for book club, and of course, watch Gilmore Girls. I'd also like to get some real sleep in there. :P Three nights in a row of insufficient sleep have not done well for me.

Anyhow, those are some of the highlights for now. Anything else will just have to wait. I wanted to leave now, but I'm going to wait a bit on some information to see if I can do some work now, or if I'm going to leave it for tomorrow.

Now, if only my appetite would come back, I'd feel a bit more normal. :P

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