Well, I had sent another post to this site from that email account, but it hasn't shown up yet. Nothing special, just some text from a chat that Shawn and I had ages ago that made me giggle.

In the meantime, a few good notes in a properly-formatted style for you to enjoy:

1. Been extended at work until the end of June. That's a bit of oldish news. Anyone want to give me a good, permanent, well-paying, stable job in the meantime? Yeah, okay.
2. Talked to Mark last night for a bit - his call. Looks as though we will be able to be friends. Good. :)
3. Found a sexy sexy new way to be online from work.
4. Got an account slightly set up through Stefan. Now I just need the awesome power of The Ben to help me fix it more.
5. Finally got a procedure done I'd been waiting on for awhile. Not getting all of my teeth pulled.
6. Got a letter from the Graduate department of the Uni I most recently applied to (my alma matter, actually), and the Committee has recommended me for the Masters program. So, I'll get the official word as to whether or not I've been accepted in May, when they make their final decisions, but it's an encouraging step!

The paramedic said he'd look for a sugar daddy for me. No offers yet. :(

Some minor bad... started the period yesterday (yeah, shut up ya whiners), so I fully expect that today may be a crappy day. Last month, I took one of my hot pads into work and literally spent the entire morning with it on my abdomen. By noon I felt fine, but that morning was *not* fun. Fortunately, I don't have every month like that, just the occasional one. Now that I'm going back on the pill, we'll see how they go -- being on it never really seemed to affect my PMS stuff too much one way or the other. Although who knows, maybe I'd just forgotten what it was like to not be on the pill, since it had been some 7 years that I'd been on it. Eesh. Although I did have fewer headaches/migraines (i.e., none?) when I went off of it ...

I might be cooking a meal for the paramedic's friend, and the paramedic may or may not be there. :) Basically, PF and I were talking about food the other night, he said he loves lasagna, I said I've been wanting to make a lasagna again, and so I said that since the paramedic didn't seem too interested when I'd mentioned making one, that I'd make it for PF instead. Then he said that he's going to persuade the paramedic to marry me, and I can cook for PF.

That's two marriage jokes stemming from the weekend/other day. Funny, but odd coincidence. :) I don't even know if this guy is my boyfriend yet -- we shall see. So far the average seems to be 1 month of togetehrness, then it's a 'relationship'. Who knows?

Venus is currently wandering around on my keyboard, standing in front of my monitor, and now, finally, curled up in my lap. It makes it difficult to type when there's a big cat butt in front of the monitor. :P

I talked to the paramedic on the phone for a bit last night, and found out a bit more about the trip. Tradition still dictates that I won't hear from him again afterwards, though -- the frog and the customs agent both disappeared after their trips while we were going out. Not that things were the same in either case, but I am a retarded paranoid monkey. PF has said he's glad to hear someone else with the same paranoias he has -- I've said the same to him. He also said he's looking forward to meeting me, and I know I'm looking forward to meeting him. And not just 'cause of his ties to the paramedic -- he seems like a cool guy. :)

And now it's time to get going for work. I still sometimes expect to see the cop out there when I leave -- though he came by twice when the paramedic and I were here on different nights, and we could hear him talking to a neighbour. Of course, we're pretty sure the first time the chick was lying to him... that's good, that's a very good idea. :P

Fun random quote: "Cool, the neighbours can hear that!"

Venus says send me all of your money. She needs more attention and more toys.

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