Well, I just finally got confirmation that Thena's boyfriend is in fact a boy. For those of you who were keeping track.

I gotta put some orange peels out soon to try to keep him from spraying around here. I don't mind him coming by, I do mind when Thena comes in from sitting out on the patio and smells like kitty pee.

Otherwise... aside from some tired, life is pretty good. :D

I got almost all of my errands done yesterday (though some of them did take me longer than hoped -- *3* different stores to buy friggin' cat food? It's not like they get some exotic type! Though I did discover that Loblaws carries the 10kg bags of food, so that's good to know), except going to the bank. But I can do that on my way home to drop off the car.

I won brownie points with the paramedic's roommate the other day. See, when Mad took me grocery shopping, I'd seen a sushi rolling mat in one of the aisles, and they'd mentioned they'd made sushi without one (about two weeks ago or so), so I threw it in my cart. I forgot to give it to him last time I saw him, so I remembered it this time, gave it to her, and apparently made her night -- and I got a hug for it. :D

Yesterday was picking up the wedding gift, buying the shower gift (I ended up piggy-backing off of something that N got her, so that worked out well), buying a *tonne* of cards, wrapping paper and other assorted gift wrap, Big A's birthday gift, returning my DDR pad for one that works (apparently the other store likely mistakenly put a busted pad back on the floor and that's what I bought), then racing home to assemble the gift, change into prettier clothes (or at least change my jeans for nice pants), picking up T (and managing to miss the turn I needed), then racing out to Mad's parents' place for the shower. We only missed one of the turns and wound up at the marina, but it was all good.

The shower was fun -- great food, fun games, my horrible blindfolded drawing of a two-headed bride, good gifts, good prizes for the rest of us... :)

After it was over (close to dinner time), I ran out to get the cat food, ran home to change again, picked up the paramedic (about a half-hour after I said I would), gave the gift, then headed back downtown for Big A's dinner. For whatever reason (as of yet unknown), no one else showed up, so we just talked and ate and so on. I think a good night was had, and it was really cute that the waitress got really offended on his behalf when we were paying our bill and mentioning that it was a birthday celebration for him. She asked if he wanted ice cream, if that would make it better, and said that we should have said it was a birthday thing, they'd have made a big deal out of it. :)

So I drove Big A home, after stopping back at the restaurant to get the present he'd given me (a picture of a street sign saying "Venus", and one underneath saying "Serenity", two cool street names!), then the paramedic and I headed over to Greg and Madeleine's place to meet the crew en masse. Hehehe.

Mind you, they'd just started watching a movie, so no one was really talking to anyone else (though there was a great deal of movie-mocking going on), so after about 20 minutes or so, we headed out -- since he had to be up early for work.

Of course, we were up late anyhow, and it was funny to see how he changes when he's getting really punchy-tired (and it's funny that I was able to recognize that for what it was), but it seemed to be okay. I drove home, slept, and then the kitties started bouncing on my bed and being annoying early on.

It's always funny to find cat toys in or on my bed when I actually wake up later on. It tends to explain why it is they seemed even more annoying, racing across me, digging in the sheets, or whatever. But when I woke up, Thena was curled up beside me, and we had a nice cuddle while Venus tried to find room on me to lie down, or just paced across me. At one point in the morning, Thena went to jump up on top of my headboard, but the body pillow was already up there -- so she slid down onto my face. I think I'm actually fairly uninjured from it, though. We'll see if any horribly disfiguring scars turn up later.

For now, I just have to practice not reversing Big A and the paramedic's names... I just did it now in MSN conversation with PF. Something to work on stopping. :P

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