Well, my theory that my city is tiny tiny tiny has once again been proven correct.

As it turns out... the bf has ties to two people in my world. The first one, a fairly vague one -- a coworker of mine's daughter is a paramedic. She and he went to school together. Okay, fine.

The second, more nutty -- I was checking my email at his place yesterday, and then he checked his. I idly skimmed the names of the various people in his mailbox, and turned up one from my past -- a guy I knew in high school. Sure enough, it's the same guy (I emailed him later from my own account). This guy was one of Meghan's first boyfriends, and someone that I was friendly with throughout most of my time in high school. Sure enough, he's now a paramedic, and the two of them were part of the group that went skydiving last year, and I've now seen the video, too.

I find it funny and weird at the same time. Crazy!

So yeah, I spent most of Thursday hanging out with the bf. It felt really good to take a day off from work and just do nothing all day. I bused over there from my place and arrived just before 12:30 -- end-to-end it's about a half-hour trip, which is really not bad at all. Very easy connections, very easy routes. Even I couldn't manage to get lost! :)

We went out and did some shopping and running of nonsense errands. I resisted the urge to buy a Spike action figure, and I saw a puppet version of Angel from the "Smile Time" episode in season 5 -- very cool. Also $65. I'll pass for now. :P I picked up a new muffin tray and cookie sheet in Homesense (his favourite store, apparently), as well as a bunch of little things for Jay and Natasha's wedding, since I don't have a gift for them yet.

We went into the video game store, and I picked up Ty 2, and something else that I've forgotten. I've been trying to find games I like as much as Ratchet and Clank, and so far, no real luck. Though I did play a bit of Simpsons Hit and Run, and it's kinda funny. Especially if you leave the game just sitting when you're in the house, and out of nowhere, after like 10 minutes of inactivity, Grandpa Simpson wanders by and goes, 'A leprechaun!' and then nothing else happens. Odd.

So yeah, I spent a bunch of money, including at Chapters with Ben the night before, but I'd paid all of my bills, put money into my savings and so on, and I was supposed to have my paycheque on Wednesday. But my boss likes to play power games (not for much longer!) and not sign things right away, so it'll be signed and ready for me when I go back. Since I waited almost a week to deposit my last paycheque, I'm running more or less on time.

So we stopped by a McDonald's for a healthy dinner, and we were the only non-obese people there, barring maybe 2 or 3 others. Scary. :P

We were going to join up with some others to see Phil the Alien, but R and N called and weren't going, so we ended up hanging out with them instead. It was fun -- N and I are going to set up play dates for the two of them in the future. *grin* That way they can play He-Man together!

We played some Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture edition, and I actually won. Yay! I was the last one to get any pies, too. I felt so proud. :)

After the game, we sat around and talked for awhile longer. I gotta stop talking so much so that he can get a word in edgewise. But, R said that initial reports are in his favour, so that's good. :)

It was about 2 by the time we left, and we were both pretty zonked. We weren't up too much longer, but we did do a bit of chatting nd reassuring each other that we like each other and don't have scary secrets and so on. :) He's going to go with me to the upcoming wedding, and he made fun of me for asking about it -- he says I keep phrasing questions in scary ways. I think it was probably around 3 by the time we did get to sleep, and then we were both up around 9:30 or so. He and his friend are bad for my sleep. :P

We went back to Cora's for breakfast, and then he dropped me off at home. I spent an exciting afternoon of watching quality television (Jerry Springer, of course!), had a nap with Venus draped across me, then almost had another one with Thena on me, but managed to resist. After a quick bagel dinner, I joined up with a small group of the crew, and we spent the evening watching episodes of House. I'd never heard of it, but it's a great show about a really grouchy, surly doctor, his research team and the one or two cases that they 'solve' each week. Really well-written, really fun. :)

Then I came home to the kitties and the computer and nothing very much. I was supposed to work out with my trainer today, but since it's a really nice day, she cancelled on me. *laugh* I'll go out a bit later for a run, I think. My other goal today is to get some cleaning done in this place -- it's been looking pretty rough for awhile. :P

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