Well, posting by email isn't exactly the greatest thing. It only seems to work about 50% of the time, so that's a bit of a pisser. Especially when I rarely spend any time on my computer when I come home from work... life hates me.

Actually, I shouldn't complain. Things are going really well with the paramedic - we've moved up a step to the "boyfriend/girlfriend" world. Granted, I had to initiate the conversation, but it beats not knowing. :)

It's taking some getting used to, calling someone that I was dating a boyfriend. All of my past relationships have evolved out of friendship -- this is the first time I've had something progress from "dating" to "boyfriend/girlfriend." It's odd, but in a very awesome way.

My poor friends are tired of hearing me go on and on about him, I think. ;) He's met the majority of them, in some form or another -- last night we went to the Cannes Lions awards with Stefan and C, and Angus and Jenn. We didn't stay long after the movie, since he was getting up to run away to Toronto the next day, but apparently he's picking me up from the station after my shift on Sunday, so that's fun. We didn't spend a long time saying goodbye at the door -- there were crazy drunk people around, so I think he feared for his car and my potential safety. Although he's been the one of the two of us who's encountered a hooker on my street, so I don't know about that...

Anyhow, I'm happy, things are good, he seems to like me -- go figure, eh? :) I'm even getting better at not overanalyzing every single little thing, and so on. But the real proof will be hearing from him tomorrow or, more likely Sunday. Then we'll see. :)

The marshmallow called me while I was at work today. We didn't chat for too long, since I wanted to go home at the earlier end of things instead of the 6 p.m. that was part of my week. Long, rough days at work this week. Basically reiterating the whole, "if you want to hang out, I do nothing with my days but sit around and stare at walls and think of you" theme. Okay, that's mean, but he really doesn't make much of an effort to do anything varied, it seems. Sure, I like having some of my set activities, but I also like to mix things up at times, and I have lots of friends that I see regularly, even the ones that are coupled up. Sure, it's hard at times, but I don't resent anyone their coupleness, and sometimes he almost seems to.

And I don't want to have to whip out the "I have a boyfriend" defense, but it might be coming to that soon. For someone who can be really astute at times, he's really dense many others. :P

Sorry this wasn't more substantial, or important, or even interesting, but I have to be off to bed. Yay for taking Thena to the vet tomorrow.

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