I have random deep thoughts running through my head, but it's already past my bedtime, so they'll have to just die a little death with me (if you know that French expression, there's a little thought about what I might be up to after I finish up this post). Instead of my frequent Sunday night ritual of coming home and playing video games (or sometimes amusing the bf, shut up your dirty minds right now), I did some housekeeping - moved items back into the previously-flooded closet, cleaned out the cats' litterbox, swept out the kitchen, and dealt with garbage... plus put some dishes through the dishwasher (yeah, I'm lazy), and made up the bed with fresh sheets. Life is *exciting* when you move out on your own!

But what a sense of accomplishment. I'm a huge procrastinator, so it's the little things in which I take pride and pleasure. I even procrastinate doing things I enjoy, like reading and writing - how sad is that? (Which reminds me, must plug in PDA and move some of the new books onto it). Back in two.

Also remembered to grab and hide mp3 player from voracious cat teeth. You never know when they'll decide their diets are once again lacking in headphones... damn cats.

Can't entirely remember when I last updated, not too concerned enough to check. Friday was the bf's BBQ/dance party/eating food-hang out as planned by his roommates and himself. The evening seemed to go well -- I spent it hanging out with him and a few of his paramedic coworkers. From my perspective it was fun; one of them (who shares his name) said that it was a pleasure to finally meet me, and that he'd heard a great deal about me -- but of course, my prying hasn't yielded any details about what those facts might have been. The bf is quite tight-lipped about what he tells anyone about me, beyond my name and what I do for a living. Whoop de doo. :P

I had a couple of Smirnoffs, and the sad part was how much I was feeling them after just the first. I was semi-tipsy that night, and I might've managed to convince some guys I didn't know that I shared the same name as my bf and his coworker (a male name not given to women), but I'm not certain. That was the part of the evening when we were saying goodbye to the bf's friends, and various people that he didn't know were showing up... then his second roommate left for the night (the first already had), leaving behind a house full of people that the bf didn't know. Needless to say, we didn't go out, and they were gone by the time we headed upstairs the next day, around noon. And someone had cleaned up, so that was kind of them.

Saturday I had to go and spend my government windfall, so I bought some clothes at Laura Petites - a pair of pinstripe dress pants, a funky print shirt, and a Chinese-style dress that actually looks nice on me (most of them don't), and some jeans at Bluenotes. Then I managed to pick up a bunch of video games at EB, including a Taiko drum kit for $10 -- everything you need, drum and game, for $10. The opening song is reason enough to buy it.

The bf and I spent some time testing out my various video games, including failing miserably at Mad Maestro (and here he mocked me for playing the kid's play version), but we had fun with the drum game. Then ensued a conversation whereby he revealed that he thought I wanted to break up with him because I was in a bit of an odd mood for much of the day, and I quickly reassured him that wasn't the case -- that in fact, there are plenty of times where I feel inadequate for him, seeing as how I feel I'm lacking in something that he needs or wants. He told me that he hadn't found anything yet that I was lacking, and both of our moods seemed to pick up from there.

We went out for dinner; originally we were going to have fast food Thai, but there seemed to be a large line-up, so we had some great Indian food instead. I stuffed myself, told him a bit about UBFM (though bugger if I can really remember how he came up) and also why there is someone I no longer consider a friend (and he agreed with me on why), and also detailed issues for him surrounding someone else in my life. Apparently if the bf were around when something problematic were to take place, there would either be a stern look or stern talking-to to the other person involved... and if the same were to happen to someone to whom the bf happened to be married, then it would be very bad. Kinda fun having someone on my side like that -- it's also amusing that he threatens people when I jokingly flirt with or compliment them. :)

He headed home after dinner, and I spent some time playing video games, cross stitching, and watching X-Men before going to bed. Nothing too exciting, but I'd already had a fairly full day. :)

Today wasn't too much, either -- slept in, did some laundry tried to roller-skate and realized I value my body too much... the bf came to give me my mp3 player and drove me in to work, and told me that roller-blading is much easier. I know I can ice skate without any problems whatsoever, so maybe... I just remember not having that easy a time of it in my sister's blades, although I don't think I fell down at any point. If I didn't think he'd spend the whole time laughing at me, I'd consider asking him to teach me. :P Although I've had other people volunteer to teach me, so maybe I'll ask one of them.

I'm also attempting to set up some kind of goal/reward system for myself. No food rewards, since that defeats the purpose of me eating better, but I'm trying to use my 'fun' things to do as rewards. So, if I manage to drag my ass out of bed for a run tomorrow morning, I'll go tanning at the gym tomorrow night. Otherwise, it's running at the gym -- and if I do that, then it's less time spent at home and so on. So we'll see how this works. After all, I have my newly-acquired belly dance/pilates video that I have to incorporate into my laughable workout regime -- it's another alternative to running/weights/punching bag/roller-skating? I also need to go home and get my bike.

Anyhow, this has degenerated somewhat, and there's certainly little of substance for you all to read, so I'm off. I'll let you know how tomorrow morning goes. :P

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