Oh yeah, a few things I'd forgotten to mention... the bf and I had a table right beside the window during dinner, so I spent a decent amount of time watching people go by. At one point, after we'd finished eating, I had myself a little stretch, with my arms out to the sides behind my head (hands linked). There were two men walking towards me along the sidewalk outside, and I happened to be inadvertantly meeting the gaze of one of them as he walked by. Just before he moved out of my field of vision, he winked at me -- and so I started laughing, then had to explain what was going on to the boy. It's harmless stuff like that that amuses me and boosts the confidence a little. :)

And my goal of going for a run this morning was somewhat trumped by the beasts. They decided to spend a great deal of time playing around with I don't know what in my bedroom this morning -- and then when my alarms went off this morning, they were too tired to move and let me get up. I know that sounds like an excuse, but I'm fairly serious -- Thena was lying on my arm and wouldn't move. :P

Then, as I was getting dressed this morning, I discovered a dress of mine underneath the bed -- and it's one that I haven't touched since last summer, so I know the brats are to blame... and it wasn't there last night when I was making the bed. Damn cats are gonna get locked out of the bedroom one of these nights, and not just 'cause the boy is sleeping over... I was tempted to do so this morning, but I couldn't bring myself to haul my ass outta bed. I've learned, too, that when I lock Thena out, she spends time sticking her legs under the door, which makes really annoying noises... damn cats.

I promise to be more interesting later. What can I say? My life just isn't that exciting. :)

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