So, the paramedic and I ate dinner at the Kelseys' nearish to Ben's place last night, and he got himself a pepper steak, while I had a chicken salad. (He got his steak done medium; yuck).

I'm halfway through the salad, I've pushed everything to one side to more easily eat it, and there's a nice pile of chicken still on top that I've been saving, when I happen to glance down and notice something on the wide lip of the plate that should *never* be *anywhere* close to my food - a spider.

Once my brain registered that yes, that really was a spider near my poor plate, I pushed the plate to the other side of the booth (up against the wall) and moved to the edge of the booth (near the aisle), and tried my damndest to pretend that the spider didn't crawl out of my salad. It didn't, it didn't, it didn't.


Btw, have I ever mentioned on here that I'm somewhat arachnophobic? Yuck.

Regardless, I think I handled it fairly well, despite the bf sitting there, laughing at me. Jerk. I said that I thought I handled it well, and he mimed me pushing the plate away and sitting as far away from it as I could, to try to indicate that I was freaking out. Sorry, but how many people would calmly continue to eat their salad, or keep the plate in front of them? :P

Anyhow, I managed to hail the waitress, and she came and collected the plate and killed the spider (the paramedic said he was keeping an eye on it to make sure it didn't come over to try to get me - it did, however, make it off the plate and was exploring the possibilities of the table). She asked if I wanted another salad, and I said not to bother, that I didn't have the appetite enough to finish it. We picked out a dessert, and in the end I got half off my meal (but not the bf's, hah! - he grumped about that), and a free dessert, which we shared - and he checked it carefully to ensure that it hadn't been also contaminated.

So yes, it's totally possible the spider came from the ceiling or something else; I don't really care from whence it hailed, and I don't want to know. But consider me a bit skittish now about restaurant food, at least for a little bit - and call me as lame as you want, you didn't have your phobia turn up in the meal you'd been previously enjoying. :P

The night was more uneventful after that. We went over to the Shopper's so I could stock up on various items I needed, and the boy made fun of me for buying extra shampoo and conditioner - it was on sale! That's when I like to stock up. When I put it all away at home, he was saying that I certainly had a lot of "stuff." Yeah, well, I now have the space for it, and since I don't live right around the corner from anything convenient (grocery store, drug store, hardware store, etc.), I like to stock up when I'm able.

We played a bit of video games, grabbed and shower and hit the sack. I'd discovered, before we'd gone for the fateful dinner, that he had brought his stuff with him (which he listed), including his uniform, so he didn't have to go back home tonight. It meant a bit of a longer drive for him in the morning, but he didn't seem to mind.

So, I set two alarms for him and one for me - his two were set to go off at 4:10 and 4:15, and mine was for 7:15, and then I reset one of them for 7:35, as per my usual time. I kinda drifted in and out while he was getting ready (using his flashlight, instead of just turning on the lights as I suggested), and then I actually saw him off at the door, so I could lock it behind him.

I let the cats in when I went back to bed, which was maybe a bit of a mistake - they decided when it was time for me to be up, which was earlier than I actually felt was necessary. I've actually had a few occasions over the last few nights when I've had little catnaps as I was lying somewhere, and those can be fairly refreshing - I had one last night, while I was finishing up Tom Sawyer for book club.

Unfortunately, I don't really have time for one of those tonight. I go more or less from work straight to book club, then tomorrow I have to be up early to take Thena to the vet, get my hair cut, go to the gym... and then tomorrow night I might be going out to Shawn and Gord's bowling thing, but I'm not 100%. Urgh.

Plus, somewhere in there I need to do some apartment cleaning - last time I tried, it was really half-assed. This time, I really need to do dishes, and some vaccuuming, at the very least. Either that or train the damn cats to stop shedding. :P

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