I find it very frustrating that my various rotating bosses have not signed my timesheets on payday -- so that I could get my paycheque on payday -- in quite some time. As it stands, I transferred money out of savings to ensure that my rent cheque would get cashed, 'cause I was slow at depositing my paycheque (yes, some of these are my fault, but sometimes it's fun to deposit two paycheques only a week apart), and if I transfer that money back to my savings account as I ought, I will only have $200 in the bank.

And soon bills will be coming out.

Is it *really* that hard to sign your name to a single piece of paper in the space of less than six hours? Does it *really* require 48 hours plus? Should I start submitting these damn things on Mondays, two days before payday, instead of Wednesdays? Argh.

Also, I should stop spending money. I'm hungry.

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