Two things:

1. Updated Angry Apostrophe with "Only You," a story I started back in February. Let me know what you think, as always -- and the site itself supports comments.

2. I just discovered that James Marsters will be appearing at the Canadian National Science Fiction Expo (details aren't yet up on the site, like ticket prices) in Toronto, from August 26-28th (at least, those are the dates of the event). Plus, he'll be doing a concert performance. Do I hear a... ROAD TRIP!?

Ooh yeah. I'm sure the bf won't mind if I leave him behind so I can try to have dirty dirty sex with a guy over twice my age. After all, my birthday is just three days prior -- consider it the ultimate birthday gift. ;)

Which could be a hint to everyone to start pitching in - at least, once I find out how much this will cost me. After all, you let me down on the Hallowe'en-England trip, where I could've gotten to touch him, and David Boreanaz -- who knows if I'll have the same opportunity here?! I'm sure I'll make it work. ;)

Oh, do I ever need a life. ;)

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