Okay, no guarantees about this having any kind of coherency, but that's how I feel today. Random.

Some potentially exciting developments in the job world, but I'm not saying anything until things are signed, sealed and delivered. I've learned my lesson many times over about promises that don't pan out.

Friday was book club, and last month was N's pick, 'The Time Traveller's Wife,' by Audrey Niffenegger. We all loved it, which was unprecedented, and I loaned my copy to my coworker the day after I finished it. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone, and I might even consider lending it out to other people, should I ever get my other posessions back (H has one of my books, though I think she may have died years ago, and Ben has one of my books, as well). I feel as though someone has one of my DVDs, but I can't think who or what, so probably not.

After book club, some of us met up with some of the boys, and we went to East Side Mario's for dessert. Apparently JJ's chocolate cheesecake succeeded in tasting like motor oil and garlic. I didn't try it, personally -- I was working on my brownies and ice cream meal, that quickly became too rich for me to finish.

I went home, played some Diablo II and fought hard to keep my eyes open. It was kinda sad how quickly I got tired, actually.

Bed was very exciting.

The kitties tried to get me up around 7, as per our usual habits, but I would have none of it. I think I was awake by about 10, and just farted around the apartment until it was time for my hair appointment. I had to see a different hair dresser than usual, but he did a good job. I've kept the red, for those of you who were dying (ha ha) to find out.

After getting my hair done, I wandered around downtown for awhile, looking in HMV and a couple of book stores -- I was trying to find a biography on Alfred Kinsey, but had no luck. It started to rain, so I decided to head home.

Later that evening, I met up with the spook and his parents, and four of their friends (two married couples) to check out Yuk Yuk's. It was a great evening -- the comedians were hilarious (Scott Falconbridge was the emcee, Dana Alexander was one comedian, and Mike Dambra was the headliner). Mike Dambra did a set for which I'm going to Hell for having laughed at; he focused a fair bit on jokes about retarded people. Except that he didn't do them as general jokes; he picked on a guy in the front who he nicknamed Pickle, and he also said how when he was younger, he thought that "special ed" was one guy named Ed... so a lot of his jokes involved "Pickle" talking to "Special Ed." And one of the best parts -- the guy he was picking on was a teacher... who taught special ed.

He also picked on some chicks in the front who the emcee had spoken with; three of them worked for CSIS, and one was a fed in Washington who was staying in the city an extra day to avoid a guy she'd been dating for a week. So needless to say, there were a lot of jokes about spies and so on.

I really can't do the evening justice, but it was great. Then, add in the spook's parents and their friends, and their sense of humour (which is similar to mine) and them teasing the spook all evening (who spent half the night with his head in his hands or on the table, semi-embarrassed, while I just laughed... but that's because it wasn't *my* dad joking about taking the batteries out of my mom's vibrator...)... good times. We went across to an open-air restaurant for some more booze ('cause we hadn't had enough by then), and then split up to catch buses home a bit before midnight. His dad gave me a hug, and everyone said they'd like to see me again and such, and when I was standing across the street waiting for my bus (which was on its way), they were cracking me up by constantly waving and saying bye to me, over and over again... the guy with me waiting for the bus was equally amused. :) French Canadians are fun, and generous, nice people. :) (And yes, I've always felt that, I just had it reinforced somewhat that evening). Also, the spook has picked up the nickname Pickle -- I mentioned it once within earshot of his mom, and she ran with it... as did everyone else, all evening. Heheheh. ;)

The only real downside to the evening for me was the headache that came on after we left the comedy club, but with my usual overdosing of medication, I managed to sleep it off. The spook and crew was going biking in the morning, and he told me to just sleep in, that they were leaving crazy-early, and if the weather was bad, he wasn't sure he wanted to have a passenger (given the description of the ride, I'm glad I slept in... although Thena woke me up for an attempted cuddle at the same time that he was telling me on MSN that they were heading out -- 6:15 a.m.).

I woke up around 9, because the cats and my body both decided I'd had enough, and slugged about a bit. I called one of my compatriots at the radio station and managed to get out of my shift that evening, so I was free all day. The spook came over and we grabbed a bite to eat, then headed over to the bike shop so that we could try to get parts for his helmet visor (the one I broke). I picked up some leather gloves at the same time, and discovered that apparently my hands are too small to be a proper biker chick -- even the women's extra small gloves were still somewhat big.

We headed over to his place, where he made a strawberry pie and some little semi-sugar pie bites with the leftover dough, some brown sugar and condensed milk, and then we took the highway out to my parents' place. Previously, I think the fastest he'd gone with me on the bike was about 80-90 km/h... going 120 is a bit different. Before we got on the highway he told me to hold on tight... which I found funny. I mean, sure, I'm more comfortable on the bike and will now ride sitting up with my hands on his side, instead of wrapping my arms around his torso like I had the first time we were out, but when it comes to him picking up speed, I definitely hold on -- the bike right now is naked, so there's no backrest or anything to keep me from flying off if I decided not to hold on, and that's not something I'm looking to do in a hurry. :P

Anyhow, we had dinner with my folks, and they spent most of the time talking to me, which I felt kinda bad about. They did start talking to him more when it came to his job and the bike, and after dinner Dad started in on the bike stories, especially concerning this friend of theirs who used to pull *insane* manoeuvres when he was on his bike, and then it was time to head out. My dad also kept talking in a way that seemed to indicate he thought I was driving the bike or would be at some point in the future. Now granted, the idea of being a driver is looking more and more possible -- and fun -- but I don't know if I'll be rushing out to go and buy myself a bike. It might not be a bad idea to take the motorcycle course though, in case I did change my mind. We'll see.

I got my dad's old leather jacket from his university days, which I'd asked about -- since it's better for biking than my flimsy fall jacket, polar fleece lining or no -- and it fit fairly well. I shouldn't have any problems fitting a sweatshirt under it, so that'll help me out when it comes to the air blowing down my jacket. Otherwise, it's a fairly good fit.

As I was leaving, my neighbour (who's known me since I was a baby) called out my name, so I went over to see her. She hadn't seen me with the red hair, and now that it's back to its darkest, it's even more dramatic. We chatted for a bit, and she asked me why I'd done it, and before I really explained, she said, "Jenny always has to do things differently" -- which sounded like she was quoting my mother. I don't see my dad quite saying those words, and I found it just interesting. I can see that some might've taken it as an insult, but I know my neighbour didn't intend it as one, and I considered it almost a compliment, instead. I think it's cool to be different, or to stand out for something. Hearing that made me feel like less of a wallflower, which is how I usually feel.

So we took mostly city roads back, occasionally chatting at red lights and so on. I can see where microphones in helmets are especially useful, and probably completely necessary for multiple bikes. If I have the visor on the helmet down, though, it's pretty much impossible to hear what's being said.

We got back to his place in time for Family Guy, which I'd mentioned as we were leaving my parents' place -- he was impressed that I had thought ahead and planned things exactly right. :) We had some pie and watched Family Guy, which was a repeat, then he put on the second episode for me, which I'd missed most of because of my trainee that evening.

I got home around midnight, and more or less went straight to bed. Apparently the kitties were upset with me, since Thena took it upon herself to attack my feet at 5 in the morning, and then again a bit later. Needless to say, my rest last night wasn't the most fulfilling. :P

So, yeah. That ended up more coherent than I expected (or so I think, as the author), but I have to say, watching a guy bake, especially if he's baking something that I have always been fairly hesitant to tackle, is pretty cool. Maybe edging towards sexy, in a different sort of way -- not necessarily, "I want to jump your bones right now" sexy, but its own kind of sexy.

Also, and I don't care how much shit my various friends are going to give me for this, but I've said it in the past, and I'll say it again, French guys are hot -- or they're really grody, but I don't have any grody French guy (or girl!) friends (doesn't that just sound like Mickey D's Fry guys?). I've always loved hearing guys with heavy French accents speak English, and it's pretty hot listening to attractive guy Francophones speak French. I'm not reacting like Jamie Lee Curtis in "A Fish Called Wanda," but I'm enjoying it regardless. Shut up.

I also know what's going to happen now; I'll know those who've read my site by the ones who start speaking French at me. Whatever, I'll still be having fun. :D

Oh yeah -- my email to my boss to let him know that I was having someone else fill in for me last night?

"Hi (boss),

Just to let you know, I asked (person) to take my shift today, because I am a lazy bum.


His reply:

"Nice and to the point. I like that. :)"

I like my boss. :)

And something else for people to use to make fun of me, I feel kinda cool wandering around carrying the motorcycle helmet, with the punk rock hair and now with the leather jacket (previously just a black jacket). I also want to go around and make faces at people we pass or ride beside, which I think detracts from the cool factor, but... it's fun. :)

Finally... to everyone who's made it this far, and is practicing what French they're going to use on me, Madagascar tomorrow night. We have a few options for times, depending on how we're getting there (i.e., I'm not busing to the opposite end of the city), and how late people want to stay up. Contact me at the email address you know and love (first initial last name at yahoo dot com), or call the cell, and I'll figure out times and location. If pho is on, then that means a later show; if not, then I'll be targetting the 7 p.m. screaming children showtimes. :)

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