Weird evening. I went to bed early because I had a headache and didn't really feel like doing much, and I had a strange dream. It might've been because of the vast amount of pizza I consumed, but well, I was hungry.

But first; full details on the location of the movie will get hammered out at pho tonight. I have written down the times between 8 and 9 and where the movie plays, so it'll depend on how much people whine about how early they have to be up and how far they do or don't want to travel. For details, be at pho or call my cell.

Unt now, the dream. Let's see how accurately I can get this. I spent a lot of time this morning thinking about it, in order that I might stand a better chance of remembering the details. Of course, that was this morning. :P

The dream seemed to start with me and a bunch of people I don't remember/recognize hanging out at some weird amusement park. The old-school style, at least how it's always portrayed on tv shows; buildings with weird mirrors and huge clown faces and so on, and a few rides here and there.

As my group and I was sitting at a table, talking, ex-bf J joined us to hang out. He was carrying some sort of portable tank with tubes into his nose, like you see for people on oxygen, but his was some sort of nutrient thing or painkiller; I'm not sure which. I know we greeted him warmly and I leaned over at one point to push the button that fed more of the whatever substance it was into him, and he said that if he did that too much, he could potentially overdose -- not like he was telling me off or anything, just telling me.

Somehow we had to go and pick up what I think were supposed to be my sister's kids and stuff from people who were minding them, so we wound up traipsing all over to various homes that seemed to be a part of the amusement park in order to dig up these materials; kids' clothes, blankets, toys, and eventually children (I think there were twins). For whatever reason, these weren't all stored in the same place, or with the same person.

There also seemed to be some sense of urgency to all of this, as if someone else was pursuing us or trying to steal the kids. That didn't seem to happen.

In my dream, ex-bf J and I were chatting fairly companionably, and I believe I started thinking reconciliation thoughts -- again, in the dream. In real life, I know the odds of my winning the lottery and wearing a size 2 are higher.

And believe me, I'm never getting into a size 2.

Urgh. I seem to remember there was more to the dream, but I can't actually remember it... which kinda limits my ability to tell it. Well, needless to say, it was weird, and I haven't a clue why my subconscious came up with that, unless it was a combination of me being too warm as I slept (which pretty much guarantees that I'll remember my dreams), and the pizza. Yummy yummy pizza.

I started thinking yesterday that I wanted to buy a motorcycle, but when I was working out numbers in my head I became fairly convinced that I couldn't actually afford one. It's also not the most practical of purchases, but I've never been one for practicality. :)

And finally, in a random note: Shawn is to blame for the current semi-horny/frustrated mood. Not in the way that you think, either.

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