Well, Madeleine was very very very very kind and patient with me last night, and took me through the two writing tests last night. I learned a few tricks (maudit que!) and hopefully that'll carry me through today. The trick is, and it's not one that I've learned in all of my years of testing, is to take my time. I'm very bad at that, and I know it. I have to read things carefully, think them through six times (instead of just twice), and hopefully I'll be able to write directly on the test, so that will come in handy -- getting to scratch out the wrong answers so that I can make sure I don't keep going back to them.

As it turns out, Madeleine had borrowed the two hardest tests for me, so while I'll no doubt have a bunch of those questions on the test, they hopefully won't be *all* like that. We shall see.

Stop thinking about it. Stupid subjonctif.

What else? I cancelled all of my activities yesterday. I spent time studying in the afternoon, came home and played some Ratchet and Clank to give my mind a break, chatted on the computer for a bit, and then went over to Greg and Mad's to study. I have to admit, some of the questions are kinda funny -- like when they offer you direct translations of "He wasn't doing his job, so they fired him," two of the options are things like, "ils l'ont fusille" and "ils l'ont allume" or something. Those are the anglophone traps!

Also, embaucher = to hire. Congedier = to fire.

I remember in elementary school, when we used to do verb drills. If I'd had more time and/or foresight, I would've spent some time doing those. Being able to speed-conjugate avoir and etre in present tense is all well and good, but only carries you so far.

I wonder if I can stuff an english-french dictionary and a bescherelle into my bra...?

Note to self: next time, wear a bigger shirt.

Okay, enough rambling, thereby proving my nerves. I'm off to read the bescherelle, because my life is just that exciting. It really really is.

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