And this is what happens when Shawn and I get going on a subject:

Me: I am sad. The OSC is full until August. BUT. If I got my M1 now, I could still ride a bike and then take the course in August.

Shawn: Yay!

Shawn: What is this "OSC" course!?!1

Me: [explain]

Shawn: And dis "M1" stuff? I want one! I don't konw what it is but it sounds neat!

Me: It is part of a motorcycle driving license!

Shawn: Like a liscence to FIGHT CRIME AND STOMP ASS

Shawn: Ooh!

Me: Shh! You weren't supposed to tell about my owning that!

Shawn: So you wanna get a motorcycle and be a Bike Babe?!

Me: I do, I want to tool around with my "Hog" and wear "chaps" and be like, "DOOD, GIT OVER HERE YA SWEET ASS!"

Me: As you can see, I will make an awesome biker chick.

Shawn: It's true!

Shawn: You will abuse women!

Shawn: And DRINK!

Me: OMFG it's like a little slice of heaven!

Shawn: YES!

Shawn: Will you start fights in bars where you play pool?


Also, I will grow a rattail, and will walk around with my huge tattooed arms showing through a sleeveless leather vest, and will only be known as Becky, for reasons clear to me and me alone.

Shawn: Reasons ... SO CLEAR.

Shawn: So seriously, you're interested in motorcycle-ridin'?

Me: Yup, I want to be more than just an attractive accessory. :)

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