ARGH. Lost the damn post twice. I care and I don't. No comments from the peanut gallery -- I have nothing better to do right now, okay?

Anyhow, at least this means that there will be more sources for what I'm writing. As well, I can write the preface without having the post follow.

There was also a tale about my pita pit so-called flirtations (as named by the spook), but that story gets more and more trimmed down the more I redo my post. :)

So, the highlights of the prefacing (the post will follow later): I wrote this over the course of five days, June 12th to June 17th. I didn't write it every day. I welcome challenges on what I write, unless you're trying to directly challenge my personal experiences, in which case, I'm sorry, but you're wrong. :) I don't have a "put-upon" attitude -- I don't view everything through the lense of prejudice or sexism because of my gender, but there are some things that are simply easier to qualify as discriminatory.

Finally, I didn't edit this. I typically don't edit my material except when I transcribe it, so what you read here is a bit different from what I have in my notebook (yes, I long-handed it first), but not drastically. I can't guarantee that anyone other than me can easily follow it, but I appreciate the efforts.

And last note -- this is, I believe, the longest thing I've ever written that wasn't a story or a paper for school. Papers usually quoted from other sources, or at least referenced them. Most of this is off the top of my head.

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