I haven't posted here yet because I'm working on a fairly epic thing that I'd like to keep at the top of the page for a bit.

Also, there have been many discussions I've had with friends on various matters that, for various reasons, won't appear on this page -- either because of concern of the wrong people hearing/learning things about themselves, or out of concern of hurting people that I don't wish to hurt -- either by sharing information that isn't mine to share, or by saying things in a semi-unkind manner, as is my way.

Also, I feel like crap right now. I feel somewhat dizzy and I'm not sure why -- best guess is that my blood sugar is still somewhat depleted from yesterday, and the replenishing that I thought I did has burned off already.

Yesterday was pho with some of the regular crowd, and the return of Andrea and Christie, and prior to that I took myself down to the absolutely gorgeous piercing parlor (I'd been to its smaller location, but not the main one) to have my oldest piercing replaced. Fortunately, the hole wasn't totally grown back in, so it was only a matter of tapering it back in (essentially upgauging it), instead of repiercing it.

I say "fortunately" and "only a matter of," as if it didn't hurt. :P

Since the procedure was only going to cost me $5, I decided on impulse to go ahead and redo my last piercing, too. Since I had my jewelry with me for both, it cost me only $30 something to have both done -- especially after the piercer told me not to bother giving him the $5 for the tapering. I dropped $10 in his tip jar as a thank you.

While I was waiting for it all to take place, I was joking around a little with one of the guys in the studio (I think a piercer, but I'm not sure), and I think I traumatized him, which was amusing. It's always funny when girl-next-door can scare the heavily-tattooed, likely-pierced, biggish semi-burly piercer. :D

The guy who did the piercing was very nice, and we talked about a few different things as it was going on, including the Michael Jackson trial and so on. I'm sure I should feel more self-conscious about everything I go through, but really, I just don't. *shrug* I'm odd. :)

The craziest part of it has been the lack of pain I've felt since it was done. I mean, they both hurt when they were done, and they hurt for a bit afterwards, but by the evening, I was more or less fine. I even slept for portions of the evening, lying on it, I'm fairly certain, without any noticeable discomfort -- and only a very small trace of blood in the morning (and none after it was done!). I'm very tempted to go back to the parlor and congratulate the guy -- tell him I haven't the faintest what he did, but he's magical. :)

Anyhow, the work I was waiting on has arrived, so I'm going to get that done, and then go home to the supposed peace and quiet of the kitties.

In the meantime... I really want things to hurry up with the new job -- I want that letter of offer already! Argh. :\ I don't think I really believe I'll be starting a new job in a few weeks; it doesn't really feel real yet. :)

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