So, in totally random events, I had a job interview downtown yesterday. It was about two blocks east of where I can catch a bus that goes almost to my doorstep, so I walked west to catch said bus. As I was waiting, I notice someone I happen to know turning the corner and walking towards me -- ex-bf J. Very weird.

We chatted for a bit, the bus arrived, I took it home.

It's odd to stand with someone or sit across from someone or be around someone with whom you've had a personal relationship -- "personal relationship" ("action quotes") -- and try to imagine that time again. Not so much in a reminiscing or nostalgic manner, just... "I used to sleep with this person. Now, here we are having a totally civilized, normal conversation on a street corner, or across a table at a restaurant, and anyone happening by who didn't know us would never know." Maybe it speaks to my ability to hide my feelings/thoughts/past, or maybe it speaks to my ability to compartmentalize my thoughts/feelings/past, or maybe it's just a part of moving on and moving apart.

Anyhow, the encounter was pleasant and random and then it was time for pho and movie plans. After I changed twice and sat outside in the sun with the kitties, and even laid down on the bed for about five minutes to rest my eyes a little.

We actually finished really early with pho for a change, so I had time to change into my biker chick wear, and we had time to figure everything out and even wait for the others to show up -- namely, Lucas (who was late!!), and the spook (who was early for a change :)). When we were trying to figure out theatres, I told everyone that since the spook and I were going by bike, he wouldn't be too particular about what theatre we were going to, and I was right. Western-most theatre in the city? Doesn't matter. Biking is fun, though the bugs were kinda gross (and slightly painful when I took one just below my eye).

So we took the long route to the theatre, using mostly city streets, so there was more of the awesome strength of my thighs being employed. I've gotten very comfortable in the passenger role, and I think I'm moderately good at it now. Plus, apparently it's exciting having a (hot?) chick sitting behind you, squeezing your hips with her thighs. Or so I've been told.

Matt happened to call my cell as we were on the way over, and that amuses me -- one, because I don't have it anywhere near me when we're biking (usually it's in my purse on my back, or in my backpack, as it was yesterday), two, 'cause I can't hear it ring at all, and three, even if I had it in my pocket and could feel it or something, I sure as hell can't answer it. :)

Anyhow, we met up without problems, got seats without problems (though Ben the loser and Lucas sat in the row in front of us, which led to some wasted Junior Mints and popcorn as we launched things back and forth), and settled in to enjoy Madagascar.

As the movie reviews I read stated, it's better than Shark Tale (by a long shot), but not as good as say, Shrek 2. I might've liked it more than Ice Age, though. And I know I laughed more than at The Incredibles.

The penguins are hilarious, the King of the Lemurs is funny, and the monkeys are great: "If you have any poo, fling it now." The main characters? I could've done without 'em... they really didn't add much of anything to the movie. Mind you, a full movie of just the penguins would've had me laughing until I cried (which I did at one point yesterday, when they first take over the ship).

After the movie, the spook and I hit up Chapters so I could pick up the latest two books on my hit list (a Kinsey biography and "The Talented Mr. Ripley"), and we went back to my place. Because we were going at more moderate speeds (than say, when we took the highway back from the west end to downtown), we were able to chat a bit more.

Finally, in a totally unrelated note, Shawn has upped my self-esteem with random and semi-nonsensical compliments. I feel pretty!

Although the dress I wore today is totally unflattering. I remember once upon a time when I used to look good in clothes. I think I was 6. Maybe it's time for the nudist lifestyle. :P

Well, I've cancelled on the gym and I think I'm going to do some cooking and baking tonight, in addition to watching movies. I'm in the mood to make cinnamon buns. :)

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