Sometimes I am amazed at how small this world is.

We vaguely remember the paramedic, yes? He went to skydiving school with a guy I knew from high school. I saw pics of the group of them at skydiving school, including them suspended from the ceiling in a harness, learning.

Fast-forward to now.

I meet a new guy through cupid.com. He's cute, we chat (though mainly email, since we're not often online at the same time), he sends me a pic of him at skydiving school (two, actually). Huh, this set-up looks familiar.

I ask him if he knows the guy I went to high school with. He does. I mention he might've gone to this school with my ex-. We talk about that a bit, he sends me a group pic of them at the school, and sure enough, there's the paramedic.

I shake my head, 'cause there's nothing much more to say about it. My life is strange.

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