Well, I had a nice dinner out with JJ, since I'll be missing his goodbye dinner on Friday. Part of the evening included a drunk guy passing by, telling us through the open windows (the whole front of the restaurant was open to passers-by) telling me that my breasts looked very good in my shirt.

Even funnier was the fact that I'm fairly certain he started saying this before he even really saw me. But hey, I'll take the compliment, I guess. :P

I also saw a guy on my way to work today that at first glace seemed to be UBFM. Fortunately not, and the guy was too young anyhow, but it was a bit of a jolt.

I was working on a post earlier today; it should appear tomorrow, depending on how busy the day is. I'm going to bed shortly, so that I actually get a decent night's sleep (in theory) for a change. :P

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