Good news, everybody -- I have purchased my ticket to go and see James Marsters at the end of this month. Oddly enough, mine was issued with a "special permission to lick him" ntoe -- it's like they knew or something.

In other news, I had my in-class motorcycle class yesterday. A lot of what they told us was also in the book they sent us, plus general motorcycle/driving knowledge, but it was nice to see it illustrated and discussed by people who actually ride on their own. Just reading it in a book doesn't always get the message across to me.

I was vaguely annoyed on the way home because of how long it took me to get back. To get to the course was only about 20 minutes; to get home, it was about an hour. Partly my own stupidity, partly the bus and train route stupidity. I had really been hoping to get a decent night's sleep in, but obviously that was not in the cards -- especially as my darling cat decided that she hadn't had enough of my attention yesterday, and that 3 a.m. would be a perfect time to try to get it.

Venus wasn't thrilled with my attempts to have a nap yesterday afternoon, and then she got her revenge on me by waking me up to play or to cuddle or to I don't know what at 3 a.m., and a few times after that. Since I was awake at that hour, I decided to take advantage of that and do a nighttime piddle, and she tried to ensure that I didn't forget she was around by staying fairly glued to my feet. So helpful. :P

In terms of sleep and the lack thereof, I'm a bit concerned about this weekend. Not only is it starting ridiculously early (we are to be there at 7:45 a.m., to start riding at 8 a.m.), but it's not exactly convenient to me. So, I'm staying with my folks so that I can get a lift out on Saturday, and steal the car and drive myself on Sunday. Not too horrible, but of course there are plans both of those days -- book club Friday night, and then Greg's birthday celebrations Saturday night. *sigh* I plan on likely making a brief appearance at both -- I imagine I'll be exhausted on Saturday, and definitely have no plans for a late evening then, but Friday might be a bit harder, especially if I'm trying to go to bed at an hour before all the rest of the household has settled. It would be slightly better to stay at home and rest, but not much -- after all, my cats have proven to be very effective deterrents when they want to be, even if I do lock them out of the bedroom. :P

It also looks as though I'll be attending the March of the Penguins by my lonesome tonight, but I'm okay with that. It means I can go and watch, cry all I want, then go home without feeling like I'm supposed to be entertaining someone or anything like that. I'll probably be going straight from work to buy a ticket, then go home and watch Scrubs and/or knit or something until it's time to go back and stand in line. I don't exactly feel like standing in the hot sun for a few hours to save my place. :P

This is a really boring entry, isn't it? :) I feel as though I should be regaling you with tales of sexual exploits or something in order to keep your interests, but at the moment, I have no tales of which to tell. I will be updating Porn by a Chick at some point (I even received a request for an update, in a manner of speaking), and I have something in mind that sort of started up last night.

In addition, I've booked my birthday celebrations -- they'll be taking place at R's parents' place on August 20th, probably starting mid-afternoon. Details will be forthcoming once he and I have had a chance to sit down and iron them out, though this year's theme is childlike in nature, glorifying the fact that I'm hitting a milestone birthday -- 25. Fortunately, it's not likely to be the 'panic party' theme I'd originally envisioned, as I have a secure job, and that was one of the main requirements.

R and I have a list of things we need to discuss, and no real time in which to do them -- I can only imagine how hectic his schedule is, and I think my next free evening is Tuesday at this point. :P

For my other posse(s), I'm thinking dinner on the actual evening of is in order, unless my parents want to take me out. :D I'll be talking to them about it this weekend. Stupid birthday, falling on a Tuesday this year. So lame. If that doesn't take place, then I might not have any other formal celebrations, as the weekend after my birthday, I'll be tied up (pun intended) seducing hot actors in Toronto. Now, if only I had appropriately-seductive clothes... and a seductive nature. :/

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