Okay, so, she’s my mother and I love her, right? But holy crap can she piss me off sometimes.

Or, otherwise known as, “things that don’t annoy me until later, when I think about them more, and get all upset and wonder if I should say something about it or if that’ll just make it seem like I was obsessing about something long after the fact.”

I have a cousin who’s about two months older than I am. I haven’t had a lot to do with any of my cousins in the last billion years, for many reasons I won’t bother going into here, but if you really want to know, I can later give my theories on people your age, parents, families, and so on.

Anyhow, some of you may recall that I attended this cousin’s wedding two years ago. Nine months ago, she got pregnant and just recently had the baby – two days ago, apparently. I learned of her birth-giving through her MSN name; the same way I learned that she was having a girl (and subsequently informed my mom), and odd other details here and there (moving house, that sort of thing, I think). I called my folks up last night to tell them of the event, and my dad said that they knew, that my uncle had called yesterday to tell them. I thanked them for calling me, and my dad said that he guessed they forgot.

I spoke with my mom today on an unrelated matter, and I mentioned it – and she said that whenever she’s mentioned other things about my cousin, I didn’t seem very interested, so she didn’t think I’d be interested in this.

Nice, Mom. Very nice.

Oh wait – I think I mean immature. Because I don’t ask about my cousins often enough for your liking, you’re punishing me by not telling me about this? That’s just great. And for the record, I have talked about my cousin’s pregnancy while it was on-going, including asking my mom when she was due and so on. While admittedly, I think she’s crazy for having a baby this early on in her life/marriage/career, it’s not my life/marriage/career, and if she can make it work, all the more power to her.

But hey, at least Mom’s found a new thing to bother me about, instead of my weight or whatever. :P

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