I love analysis from strangers:

"Subject: every now and again...

... I come across a profile that's intriguing for one reason or another. The photos, the profile description in the writer's own words... there's a lot of aggression here ("pseudo-violent"? what kind of psychobabble is that?).

The thing that strikes me about your profile is that I detect a very strong "butch" vibe, which could very well be the reason why some men feel somewhat "intimidated" around you (men usually are uneasy around lesbians due to their barely concealed hostility towards the male gender)... the nagging feeling that someone isn't quite who they're trying to make themselves out to be... or just hasn't realized it yet themselves. Just an observation."

*gasp* Could he possibly be trying to tell me that I'm a lesbian, I just haven't realized it yet?! But... but... that would be wrong and icky, etc.! Only men and women should be together, and especially for the process of creating more babies and more men and women within the bonds of holy matrimony!

Two girls!? Whatever would they do!?


I'm too tired to really give this what it deserves, but I replied fairly politely to the guy -- you may be surprised to hear. :)

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