Well, it was a weird weekend for dreams, I can tell you that much. One night, I dreamt that a guy I despised in high school was back in town and was trying to convince me once again that he’d changed. I gave him a second chance a few years ago, when I was still in university, and found he hadn’t – so this time around, in my dream, I wasn’t having any part of it, and told him so. Then, a girl I knew in high school (and haven’t seen since about second year, when I ran into her on the bus), came to my door and started telling me off for not being his friend. When I defended myself, she started physically attacking me.

The second dream that I remember had me discovering, through a trip to my doctor’s office for something unrelated (I think), that I was six months pregnant, and hadn’t known because I’d still been having my period and everything the whole time. Even the belly apparently wasn’t pronounced enough to clue me in, though once I knew, I noticed that it was baby-sized; and I guess I hadn’t noticed the quickening taking place, either. Once I learned of my pregnancy, I was trying to figure out how to tell everyone, since this would now mean that I’d be giving birth before Madeleine, and I wasn’t sure how that would go over with everyone. Remember, this was a dream – in real life, I doubt any of my friends are that competitive.

Usually being too warm when I sleep is what will almost-certainly guarantee I have dreams that I remember; I think this time it was food right before bed that was to blame, though the handfuls of Cheerios I ate last night didn’t seem to produce any dreams that I really remember. I think there was something, but it’s not standing out.

Being normal is simply too much effort for me.

In other news… I finally quit my Sunday-evening gig. This represents some four and a half years of my life. I met some good people there, and some of them I’ll be keeping in touch with, but otherwise… it feels good to be free of it. Not that it’s really sunk in yet, but there you have it. As I told my boss, part of my felt sad about doing it, but since I’ll be going back to school in the fall, and since I have a real job and so on, it’s time to reclaim my weekends.

I had a fairly nice long weekend. Lots of sleeping in, despite the weird dreamings, and a good mix of socializing and time to myself.

Friday night I had a massage, then a boy came over and we split a bottle of red wine on my back step. Both of us got chattier as the evening progressed and the wine in our glasses decreased, and it would seem I’ll probably hear from him again when he returns from his vacation. I have, however, been wrong before, so I’m not putting a great deal of hopes onto anything. It’s still way too early for that.

Saturday I slept in, then met up with Madeleine and N for a girly day. Along with N’s fiancĂ© R, we had girly virgin mixed drinks (lots of berries and frozen yogurt, as well as cans of daiquiri mix), lots of snacks (I bring Clodhoppers so people will hate me!), and then painted our toenails and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. For some reason I was fairly exhausted all afternoon, and could’ve gone to sleep at almost any point, but I stayed awake until midnight or thereabouts, when we all went home – after a delicious fajita dinner (eaten during the movie), some lovely cabana-boy service from dear R, and some general chatting and attempted plotting of yours truly’s upcoming birthday celebrations.

Sunday I slept in until noon, so I didn’t feel the need to get too much done during the few hours of alone time I had before I had to get to the station. More weird flirting from the news guy, though calling his bluff proved that it was just something he was doing for his own amusement, more than any actual interest (at least, so I’ve concluded), and then back home again.

Monday I finally managed to get myself to the gym, and I did a legs workout and attempted to kill off my abs. This is much easier said than done. I managed to get a copy of God of War from the nearby Blockbuster, so I spent some time playing that while I tried to get in touch with people for our movie outing. Stefan and Matt were the only two who came out, and when we drove past the theatre and saw the huge lineup, we elected to go and see Wedding Crashers instead, and see my Penguin movie tonight. Stefan made fun of me for my excitement about a documentary on penguins, but whatever. There’s bound to be more mocking when I start crying for no reason, too.

So tonight, Penguin movie! Yay! And, since I am finally unemployed from the station, there is no conflict on Sunday with my course – I was wondering how it was all going to work out, but it’ll be fine. Spend the night at the parents’ place, steal their car, maybe get fed that evening… it’s all good. If I’m a real keener, I’ll even get a birthday present for my dad that day, and won’t have to think I’m a horrible daughter if I don’t get out to see him on his actual birth date. :)

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