I think my 'hiatus' lost me some readers. No one comments anymore. :(

Either that, or I've grown unbelievably boring... I'd believe that. :
Anyhow, I got the sexy new computer last night and spent some time in commercial breaks installing various games and so on. The Sims 2 now runs sexy-well. Who knew it could load so quickly?

My only real concern at this point is with the monitor. Because it's a flat panel LCD, the monitor is extra-damageable, and when I have one kitty who was fairly used to sitting on top of the monitor and doing as she pleased... it's a concern. There was a plastic sheet that came taped to the front of the monitor that I'm keeping there for now; when I'm not using the computer, it stays flipped down in order to at least semi-protect the front from questing kitten toes.

I got very grumpy at the end of my workday yesterday and buggered off to the Chapters in order to engage in some retail therapy. I picked up 5 books (I think), and I'm hoping to spend some time actually reading them. I do still need to get our book club book, but since it was 45% off online versus only 30% off in the store, I figured I'd try that.

I also discovered that Terry Pratchett has a new book out, so I'm either going to have to find me a library and remember how to use it, or ... never mind, just ordered some lovely new books for me. Damn those authors for taking so long to publish. :)

I just realized that I think I'm slightly behind in my Discworld reading... either that, or I'm just confused. I think confused is a likely option.

Anyhow, I need food, and I need to do some research and I think some knitting. I (mostly) finished a mitten yesterday! I am proud of me.

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