The Smooshy and I are losers of a new kind.

I woke up on Sunday with a migraine. I moved onto the couch in the living room to try to settle my head and the accompanying nausea. He joined me shortly thereafter (since I had woken him up deliberately, it being after 11:30 already), and we had some cereal. We then played Baldur’s Gate non-stop until about 5 p.m. or so, when we finally decided to have some dinner (digestive biscuits not being the most filling of meal replacements).

We had grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade soup, then ran out to the south end to see Chicken Little. The Smooshy feels we deserve praise, because we really did finally leave the house.

Upon our return, I ‘twisted’ the Smooshy’s arm to get him to play some FF10 (which he had bought earlier in the week to play at my place), so I could sit and knit for a little while.

Now I’m at work, and I just want to be home, knitting. Partly it’s because I bought a bunch of wool and some more supplies from my mom’s store on Saturday, and also partly it’s because knitting is more fun than working.

Ah well. After playing a bit of Baldur’s Gate II with the Smooshy in the morning, he went home to his friends and cards, and I started out on my errands… which turned into just going to my mom’s store. I brought the bike out to the parents’ house on Saturday so that Dad could go for a ride while I borrowed his car to do grocery-shopping. He wound up spending his time fixing my broken turn signal (not that broken; it just needed to be popped back out again, essentially) instead. I got to ride home in the very cold rain that had started, sans-wet weather gear, which I had considered bringing with me and decided not to (I had taken the car home to unload groceries, then had to bring it back to the parents’ place… and to get home again, I had no real options other than my bike). My mom called shortly after I arrived to double-check that I had made it okay. I had.

I spent the evening over at R and N’s place, and R and I played a bit of a video game called the Warriors. It’s a Rockstar game, which is the same company that does the Vice City games, so you can imagine the language and so on. In the Warriors, you’re a gang member, and you have to mug people and take drugs for health and beat up other gang members and spray-paint graffiti. Entertaining. :)

I wasn’t feeling too well, though; my stomach had started really hurting that afternoon while I was grocery shopping, and hadn’t improved at all by then. I was feeling pretty low as a result, and I even fell asleep for a little bit on OFK’s leg. That actually seemed to help my stomach out a little bit, at least. OFK drove me home a little after midnight, and the Smooshy had already returned to my place. We played Baldur’s Gate until about 3 in the morning (trying desperately to finish a quest that seemingly had no end), and I ate some leftover spring rolls I had and seemed to feel a lot better after that.

So all in all, the weekend was pretty good. I’d love to spend some time spring-cleaning my apartment and maybe getting rid of some excess furniture and clothes, but I don’t want to toss clothes I’ve never worn. I hate getting things as gifts, saying I’ll wear them, and then never actually doing it, for whatever reason. If only my office was warmer, I’d have a tonne more tops and pants that I’d be willing to wear in. For now, I’m going on my third straight week in just jeans, I think. Not necessarily a good thing, but at least around here no one seems to care that much.

I spoke with my dad this afternoon just before lunch, and my new computer was being unpacked even then. I’m actually really kind of psyched about getting it; there are no guarantees that I’ll be able to get it today, which is okay, but now that it’s here, I do sort of want it sooner rather than later. :) I figure that I’ll set it up on the coffee table in the living room tomorrow, and spend most of the evening getting everything installed and established the way I want… for I am a bit of a geek. I have to dig up all of my old bookmarks and so on, which will be a bit of a pain in the ass, but I kind of look at the whole thing as an enforced spring cleaning.

I just spoke with my dad; I’m definitely not getting it tonight. Ah well. He’s also bought for me a TV card, so I can watch TV from the comfort of my bed and even record shows on my computer… and burn them to CD or DVD if I want. My new computer is tasty. Of course, one has to wonder how the kitties are going to deal with it; there will be no more of this, since my new monitor is going to be a flat panel one. Maybe Thena will just go back to this or this, but she’ll have more room. No one can say my cats aren’t spoiled *rotten*.

I just took a quick minute to look through the pics of my girls. Thena was an adorable kitten… Venus looks much the same. :) I wish now I’d taken pictures of the havoc Thena wreaked on my arms and hands though; the Smooshy refuses to believe she was anything but an angel. Although apparently she hisses at him when he pushes her off the bed… that’s something she’s never done with me. She just gets grumpy sometimes when I pick her up, and especially when I try to trim her nails. Always fun.

Anyhow, like you guys don’t know this stuff already… what else is there to report? I got nothing. I’m trying to think of/get presents ready for Christmas. I’m lucky in that I did do a decent amount of shopping through the year, so I have presents ready for some people. I probably have to add to them, and I’m sure I’ll have forgotten where I put most of them… ah, organization, you aren’t really my friend.

On a positive note, though, I am updating a bit more! Yay! I had planned on writing about how I’ve noticed aspects of my personality as I’ve gotten older, but haven’t really segued into that effectively, except in this regard. Voila! Basically, I’m going to North Bay this weekend with the Smooshy to meet his parents, and we spoke briefly on the phone about it today. He told me how it was going to run (departure times, who we’re spending time with when) and so on, and it reminded me of travelling with OFK and R. In short, I like to have a plan in mind for the day, even if it doesn’t end up happening exactly that way. I like to know what days we’re likely to do what activities, and when we’re going to leave, where we’re going to stay and so on. Maybe this doesn’t bode well for my dream European vacation, but I like to pretend it’s all okay.

I can’t tell if it’s the Smooshy reading me well, or if it’s just how he is, since this is the first time we’ll have travelled out of the city together. I think he’s getting nervous, which is cute… I’m fairly blasĂ© about it all, at least at this point. :)

According to the weather website, the temperature is going to start dropping below zero soon. Poop. This means it’ll be time to pack up the bike and get that all done. I’ve managed to buy almost everything I need to put the bike away; I still need engine oil and a cover, though. I’m somewhat envious of JJ, getting to keep riding, but at the same time, sometimes it’s nicer to take the bus – I get to read!

Speaking of which, I mentioned that I had been reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, I think. I finished that on Friday, and I think it gets a thumbs up for me. I had originally started it and set it aside, but once I picked it up again, it was a pretty fast read. Now I’m into Pilgrim, by Timothy Findley (I bought a new paperback copy of it a little while ago, since a former friend of mine had borrowed my trade copy and we haven’t spoken since… and I didn’t buy it from the cheap book store when I saw it there, since I thought I’d be getting it back from her), and it’s a bit slow-going so far. Then again, I only just started it, and it’s a rare book that manages to grab my attention straight off.

I’m finding that the Smooshy’s pilfering of my library is opening me up to wanting to read more, and making sure I integrate more of that into my time. Maybe not so much my free time, but definitely cracking open the books again when I’m travelling and so on. I think I’m going to go through my book collection soon and remove some of the older ones that I won’t be rereading so as to make more room on the shelves for the books I will be rereading – or lending to people. I also have a number of books that I’ve borrowed from folks, and I really ought to read those soon and return them. Do you think anyone would notice if I just spent my days at work reading and knitting? I could knit myself a door that no one could see through!

I did wind up picking up wool for a poncho. I do respect the comments people made, but the fact of the matter is, I need something for when I’m at work, and I’d feel a bit odd bringing in one of my blankets from home – especially as I need those blankets when I’m at home. Right now, my feet are cold, and I’m wearing sneakers and gym socks. Most days I’m wearing a sweater and another layer, and I’m still freezing; and that’s a problem I had at my other work, too. I could continue to wear large, ugly cardigans (my really ugly one I still have at home; I haven’t quite been brave enough to bring it in), or I could practice my knitting and joining together and so on and make myself something I could use at work. I think a poncho is a bit more practical than a blanket, since I’d look kinda weird bringing a blanket to a meeting. :)

If I seem defensive, I don’t mean to; I’m just explaining and I’m out of practice at writing, so my tone is all off. :)

Okay, time for me to wrap this up and post this, I think. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to use my three paycheque month the way I might’ve hoped, but at least… well, at least all of my insurance is paid up, and at least my computer exploded at a time when I had a spare paycheque coming in. Small blessings… it’s just that I wanted to go to Chapters, and I kind of want to buy a Booster Juice before I go to the gym today, and I want to buy a new printer, and then and then and then… ah well. I’ll be okay; I have been so far. I just whine. :)

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