There are a number of issues that have come up over the last while in the news that I’ve wanted to comment on, but haven’t really had the time or energy. Christmas is coming up soon (in case you weren’t aware), and I’m doing my best to get through all of my various projects for people. Ah, poop, I just remembered that I have to get something for my trainer. I also want to make a batch of fudge or cookies to bring in to work and give around to a few people. It’s kinda nice working at an office during Christmas.

For the most part, I’m almost done, I think. I still have to get something together for my mom’s parents (although I do know what I’m going to do for Puppy), and I need something else for the Smooshy, I think, but otherwise, I either know or am ready for most of my list. I picked up a few things for people in Saskatoon, so that kinda helped a little. :)

I spoke with my friend JJ the other night on the phone. He’s out in Langley right now, and his trip is continuing fairly well. I had to catch him up on all of the recent news, and he was surprised to hear that I had a boyfriend and a motorcycle. Not sure which came as the bigger surprise. :) It was good to hear from him, and he mentioned that he’s going to be flying home for the holidays, and will be playing couch-surfing, so I (think I) told him he could probably stay here for a bit. I’d have to do some cleaning up, which my apartment desperately needs anyways (and I’ve been saying that for a coon’s age), but it should be do-able.

I’m also slowly getting over my dread disease; I suspect I’ve said that already. I still feel kinda rough when I wake up in the mornings, but I think my throat is finally starting to open up again. It’s a strange and scary feeling, swallowing liquid when you can’t fully breathe and feel as though you might suffocate. Definitely not something I could say that I enjoy on a regular basis. I’ve been taking some sinus meds to see if that might help, but who knows anymore.

Ah, finally. I just yawned and popped my ears a little, so I might actually be on my way to hearing properly once more. It’ll be a miracle.

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