I have a mild addiction to Roger Ebert's site. I like to read his reviews on the new releases, partly because it's nice to get another's opinion (though I'll still see something I really want to see, even if he pans it), and partly because he's entertaining in his columns (like when his review for Adam Sandler's "The Longest Yard" basically consisted of him writing about how he wished he could take back the review he'd given it).

Point in fact, his review for Curious George. The following amused me:

"I have no idea what teenagers think, but I know what 4-year-olds think, because I was one, an expert one, and I believe that up to a certain age all children enjoy more or less the same things: Bright colors, vivid drawings, encouraging music, a plot that is exciting but not too scary, and a character they can identify with. This character should have an older friend who guides him through neat adventures and keeps things from getting too scary. If that doesn't describe what you liked when you were 3 or 4, then I blame your parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chainsaw."

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