Today my coworker handed me a candy cane and wished me a happy series of holidays, before he got to Valentine's Day.

Happy St. Valentine's Day, folks, be you with someone or single. There are plenty of advantages to either state, and I'm sure longterm readers of this site have heard me enumerate on them all.

In other news, I keep thinking of things I want to write, be they anecdotes or pieces of prose, and they go nowhere. Hopefully, after I manage to cull from my life all of my time-sucking hobbies and other tedious things (work, school, the usual), I'll have the chance to write them up here.

I went through my LJ page the other day and figured out how to filter my friends communities away from the other high-frequency communities like the kittypix or the ohnotheydidnt communities. Then I sort of caught up on peoples' lives and felt slightly more in touch.

I've also managed to bork my computer somewhat, I suspect, so tonight may involve me lighting scented candles, pouring a glass of wine, slipping into a nice teddy and trying to romance the shit out of my computer. And no, I don't have an USB-capable vibrating attachments for me to get anything out of this arrangement.

When did I turn into such a geek?

P.S. The Smooshy and I finished Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II last night. Anyone know when the sequel is coming out?

Such a geek. It's almost hopeless. Except that I still look good in a teddy. ;)


GeekInBlack said...

Great.. now I'm picturing a little 14 year old in a teddy.

Buffy said...

I had loads of stale candy canes left over from Christmas.

I should have passed them out.