It's funny how writing something and posting it online can come back to bite you in the ass. Stupid me and my "why does it always have to be about sex?" whine.

Also, once again I have confirmed why it is that I don't always like to give people knowledge -- it means they can use it against me. Which means that telling someone they turn you on can be a source of ego/knowledge for them, and they can then use it against you -- and they can use it to strut around like a peacock. Grr.

I amuse myself in unusual ways. I finally took it upon myself to 'organize' all of the condoms floating about in my nighttable drawer. I took a green plastic box that a friend of mine gave me Christmas gifts in some years ago and emptied it out, then filled it with condoms and some individual packets of lube I had. I was actually disappointed with the fact that the box wasn't especially full. Granted, it's a large-ish box, but... Ah well, at least they're easily accessible now, and there's a variety!

Which reminds me, I apparently ... oh, no, I just moved them. Hah. I was wondering why I didn't have condoms in my usual pouch when I went looking for them earlier today. I forgot that I put them in a different pocket of my purse. Thinking out loud is fun!

*sigh* Why can't I get laid? Am I ugly? *pout*

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