Well, that conversation was just as easy as I thought it'd be. I ended things with C, the guy I started seeing after the Smooshy and I broke up. It was a very simple conversation, and I felt very relieved after I had it, but I also felt dumb for dreading it for so long. Ah well.

I've also had a series of frustrating and awkward conversations with someone else in my life. I think things are okay, but I'm concerned. I feel as though I've been here before, and it's not going to end well. How I feel about that is a bit surprising in a way -- the thought of things not ending well or of not working out upsets me a lot, and actually has brought me close to tears in discussing it, whether or not the other person realized it.

I managed to break my glasses yesterday and didn't go about getting them fixed, so I blame any typos on that.

I'm fucked for school.

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