I had a dream last night that I was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen. I don't even know if your spleen can get cancer, but mine did.

I was resisting believing the diagnosis, and we were trying to arrange for all kinds of blood tests and other things, and I was stuck at a job or some school event and my mom was trying to find me and drag me to a doctor... and people were wondering why I was so spazzy and confused; I finally blurted out that I had cancer and started crying, and that seemed to affect no one.

I remember trying to take over a laptop or something from some frat event that was going on; they were using it to broadcast slides as part of a presentation they were doing, and I told them they could hit F5 to view the slides full-screen on their computer and the tech guys running it were shocked that I knew such things.

I think in the end I wound up in surgery, with them planning to remove my spleen and discovering that there was also a tumour on it. I guess it was lucky they were removing it anyways. The tumour was apparently the size of an apple or something.

I think that was close to the end of the dream; at some point this morning Thena decided I'd slept long enough and kept snuggling me and getting her whiskers in my face, which tickles. She also licks my face and does her best to wake me up. Damn affectionate cat. Not that I miss angry, biting Thena, it's true.

The surprise going-away party I threw for Ben last night worked out in the end. I had a great conversation with the girl Stefan's seeing, and she grabbed my butt a few times, so go me. We kept warning people who were moving down to our end of the table that they might learn things they didn't want to, but no one seemed to freaked out by the conversation. Or they were just adept at tuning us out.

I also had a moment of making fun of a friend of mine, using my hands as sock puppets that had people cracking up. Usually when I mock a guy's voice, my voice drops; in this instance, my voice went higher-pitched, which was somewhat appropriate, given the target.

I left around 11:30, and got a phone call just as I was getting off the bus, making fun of me for leaving 'early' -- Moose apparently thinks that showing up some place at quarter to twelve, when the plans were for eight, wasn't late; apparently he runs on the same schedule as someone else we'd spoken about that night.

I also learned that I'm not the only person who feels the way I do, so that was reassuring.

I'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I mean, yes, getting paid is very nice and all, but I just feel very incompetent at my job. Even having just a day or two where I feel like I know what I'm doing would be very nice. Maybe it'll improve with the tech stuff I'm going to be doing in addition to my work, but... urgh. I hate feeling incompetent.

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