I have several posts that are in the works and will appear sometime today, I'm hoping. One is another treatise on friendship -- this one a bit more positive than the last one I wrote up. ;)

In the meantime, I might be starting up a slight career with knitting my friends mittens and other such things. Not sure if it'll go anywhere, but so far I have one request in that appears to be going ahead. It'll be good practice, if nothing else, and will help keep me busy when all of my other projects finally finish up (at last count, that was: cousin's wedding gift, sister's graduation gift, R&N's wedding gift, Greg and Mad's baby gift, and S&N's baby gift... and those are just gifts, never mind the stuff I was doing for me). Everything kind of got put on hold when I had to find the time to pull a paper out of my ass. As is my way, I wrote the majority of it the day before it was due, and managed a B+ on it. Not stellar, but still good. Ish.

So I have a week or two until school starts up again and I have a class and the revising of my thesis proposal to undertake during the fall semester.

Anyhow, back to work, lunch is soon, and hopefully later today my other posts will appear.

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