Well, last night was fairly exhausting in a good way. The Newf came by and we spent about three hours rearranging more furniture and moving things around and cleaning and I even did a bit of throwing out/recycling of other things.

Previously, my second bedroom was being used for storage. I had my bike in there, my old bed, two dressers, a night table and whatever random crap I felt like stashing in there. There was also a box or two of books that got unpacked and put on the new bookshelf the other day.

Now, that room contains one dresser, three bookcases (the two from the living room moved into that room), my computer desk (no longer on wheels), my printer, and assorted computer-related CDs, etc. (I found the House CDs I burned for Jordan, must remember to bring those tonight if I go for pho), and my craft supplies and bike. The room looks much larger now. The Newf also spent a bit of time turning off all the auto-load applications on my computer, which angered my computer at first, but seems to have made it happier now. Now, I can more quickly start playing games that make me jittery, like ones that have Nazis shooting at me and scaring me.

My bedroom has one dresser in it, and I know the Newf wanted me to put the other in there, but for now I like how it goes. The GLR mentioned that the dresser I moved needs repainting, but since it's Mom's dresser (made by Puppy, my grandfather, if memory serves), I'll need her permission before I do anything. He offered to help, should I decide to do it. My friends are funny.

My spare bed is occupying hallway space, so it'll need to be moved out at some point, and I have a headboard and frame for a single/twin bed if anyone wants it. It's white brass with flowers -- very pretty. I also need to buy a lampshade, some thumbtacks (temporary curtains -- very aware of the lack of curtains now in that room), curtain brackets, if I can brave Ikea again, and some lightbulbs. Or I can just mount the lights my mom gave me from her and dad's previous bedroom arrangement -- I'm just not sure they're really in keeping with the rest of my stuff.

I also need to move around the contents of the dressers a little. The one in my bedroom has tools and other things I don't really need regularly, whereas the other has clothes and empty drawers. I'll figure something out, especially with the third dresser in the closet, and my primary dresser in my bedroom. Indulgence, thy name is apparently Jen.

Anyhow, this isn't a very exciting mind dump for all of you, I know. What can I say? I didn't do much of interest yesterday, although GLR did fill me in on the events of Saturday that are black holes in the recesses of my already-forgetful mind. Apparently I was even more obnoxious than I realized (he claims I announced loudly on a few occasions that he has the hots for Andrea), so I sort of apologize. I'm not especially bothered by anything I said or did, and Stefan said I was fine, so it's all good. GLR says I did keep asking him penny, though, including when he was in the middle of telling me what he was thinking, so I said I must've been goldfishing at that point -- i.e., my memory was resetting every two or three minutes.

Only downside to the apartment renovations is the lack of bed for the kitties to sleep on now. When I woke up this morning, Thena was on my headboard (as is her usual place), and Venus was sleeping on the cardboard boxes from my computer. I'd started breaking them down, but didn't really have any place to put them. Maybe their racing across my bed this morning was their way of punishing me for the rearranging of everything. Damn cats.

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