Yesterday was a long day. First we had S's baby shower, which segued into an estrofest that basically continued the conversation about pregnancy and babies and child-rearing techniques and pregnancy and babies and and and...

I needed more sleep and I think I was/am a bit PMSy. In the interests of not upsetting anyone (too much self-censoring), I'll move on to the evening activities.

Ben was in town for a very brief visit, and Stefan ended up the lucky host (as he often is). We had a fair sized crowd there, which I wasn't too keen on at first, but once I started drinking the evening improved a lot. I don't use booze to put myself in a good mood, but I think last night I needed the relaxation, and it worked very nicely.

There was pretty much only beer around, so I got to have the leftover vodka to myself (for those who don't know, I can't stand beer, even when I'm drunk). There wasn't any juice to cut the vodka with, so I started out just drinking it straight.

Straight vodka is *vile*.

I was plugging my nose and drinking it, which amused my friends, but seemed to do the trick. Then some of the ladies went to the grocery store and came back with juice for me, so I started having screwdrivers.

There wasn't much vodka (or at least, I didn't think so), so when GLR arrived, we popped down to my apartment so I could come back with supplies. There was barely a shot left in my bottle of vodka (thank you Smooshy, who used to drink it when he couldn't sleep), so I snagged my flask of peach schnapps as well and we went back to Stefan's.

During the course of the evening, I had some great conversation with a few of the ladies (although really, there were only three guys there, so I should probably be more specific) about numbers of guys and girls we've slept with, threesomes (a conversation that had come up at the going-away bar hang-out I threw for Ben), the winkies of a few boys we'd like to forget, and just sex in general.

In addition to that, I flashed my new red Victoria's Secret bra at a few people (just one boob at a time), showed off my stripper dance move, then did the bending at the waist with straight legs move that S mentioned (not the same S as above), and heard someone say something about how I had the ass for the move, talked about my nipples, piercings, and anatomical failings, and all in all had a lot of fun.

GLR took me home, and by the time I was off to bed, I think I was pretty out of it, and slept quite soundly until the morning. Today I kept plugging away at S's shower gift (because, as with everything, I'm not done yet), hit Chapters and DQ with the Newf, and did some arranging in my second bedroom. I set up my new bookcase and filled it completely with books... and I still have tonnes around here. I also have a laundry bag full of books to take to the Book Market, and I'm sure I could fill another if I started culling the collection. I also should return books to my other bookcases, because I know that at least one of them isn't properly filled. However, that'll have to wait a year until I'm motivated again. :P

I need another set of hands to dissemble my bed and hang curtains (for which I think I need brackets from Ikea, so that's another trip when I have money) before I can set that bedroom up properly, but I'm thinking I'll move my computer in there and move a dresser into my main bedroom in the space that my computer desk currently occupies (I have four in all). We'll see when or if that happens, but it might be a nice change.

Finally, Venus and I have a bit of a new game. She brings me her feather on a stick toy, and I take it around the apartment and have her chase it, and then I leave it somewhere. She brings it back to me, not necessarily right away, and we repeat the game. I think I won though, 'cause she hasn't brought it back for awhile -- it's not as though there are a lot of places to hide it, though.

Anyhow, way too late, really need sleep, hope to update more regularly once I get rid of this blasted writer's block/apathy. I'm back in school now (though I missed my first class through misreading the calendar), so you'll get to hear me whinging again about all the reading I have to do. If people let me do it, at least. :P

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