#5432 of the list of ways I didn't know my cats were insane:

GLR used the washroom before we left for dinner and left the toilet seat and lid up. Boys. I didn't bother to put it down because I have better things to obsessively fixate on (though I often do put it down after the culprit, regardless of who they are, leaves). I took it upon myself to slay two spiders a few minutes ago, and tossed their final resting place -- a kleenex -- into the toilet. Not only do I squash them, but I drown the little fuckers, too. I keep hoping one will witness this and warn the others, but alas.

Anyhow, I changed into pyjamas and went to use the washroom one final time before bed, and what do I see? The wet kleenex has been pulled out of the bowl and left as a soggy nose-thumbing on the floor for me.

Thank you cats, thank you very much.

You won't kill spiders for me, and Thena at least allows mice to dance and poop in front of her, but you'll rescue wet kleenex from a fate worse than flushing.

It's a damn good thing these hairballs are cute and purr, otherwise...

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